Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One Of Those Days

I am a little late getting my post up today. Reason being that along with the New Year also comes time to get back to that blood work routine and Doctor appointments. I am scheduled to return to my Diabetes Boot camp (aka Endocrinologist Appointment) and to report in to my Drill Instructor (aka Endocrinologist) a week from Friday. That translate in to, the latest I could get my blood work done was this morning. J.D. doesn't really enjoy these appointments with her because Ican easily walk into the office and not surface again for several hours. I really don't mind it myself though, I always find plenty to read to keep my mind occupied while I wait. She never rushes me through and spends as much time with me as I need for her to without giving me the feeling that I need to hurry it up. She really is a good Doctor and is aggressive when it comes to treating my disease which is what I need.
The good news of the day is that the clinic hired a new Lab Tech. Now we have two there with the knowledge of how to draw blood. I am a challenge to the techs when it comes to drawing my blood. As soon as I tell them they are going to need a butterfly to get it, most of them look at me like "where is your badge saying you are qualified to make that call ?" ........ There have been a few that tried it without the butterfly and ended up having to find creative ways and places to fill the little tubes with blood. Now these are usually the same ones that after their first attempt at drawing my blood work will cringe and try to hide when they see me coming on future visits. Little do they know that I cringe and want to hide when I see them as well. At any rate I have been grateful for our Dear Debby for a long time. Now there is Jeremy that we can all be grateful for as well. He popped that butterfly into my one good vein with precise accuracy and in no time at all those three little tubes were filled and I was on my way out the door. J.D. was amazed at how quickly that went. I made it a point to tell Jeremy how much he is appreciated. I didn't even feel the needle go in. That is what I call a "GOOD JOB!"
After the blood work was done we headed to Bob Evans for breakfast. I can endure just about anything as long as Bob Evans is dangled in my vision like a big carrot as an award. Breakfast was wonderful as usual and the coffee was the icing on the cake.
From Bob's we made a trip to the pharmacy to pick up some meds, the dollar store to get paper products and detergent, and then on to Kroger to hunt down some food bargains. So there you have it. We ventured off of the mountain today and did our part for the economy. We are stocked up on enough food, meds and paper products to keep us on the mountain for a few weeks. That is with the exception of Seth Day and Diabetes Boot Camp.


PEA said...

I've just come back from seeing the doctor at the walk in clinic...had to wait 3 hours in the waiting room. UGH! Glad to hear you got all your blood work done...I thought I'd have to go for some but the doctor said not this time:-) I so wish we had Bob Evans here in Canada...can't wait to cross the border in Niagara Falls again to get my fix of their biscuits and gravy! hehe xoxo

jle said...

The whole blood-drawing thing is one place where i'm glad we have big ol' Kaiser Permanente medical--they always have a staff of people who draw blood so often that they are really good and quick! But then i have "good veins"--like as if they're well behaved or something as opposed to your naughty veins. ;-)