Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Cows

When you settle in to watch a program on TV isn't it aggravating when the commercials seem to be totaling more air time than the actual program. What's worse is when they are irritating commercials. In my opinion the most irritating TV ad going is any of the Billy Mays commercials. To me that man has the loudest most nerve grinding voice there ever was. In this house when his commercials come on we mute the sound until he is finished.
I wish all commercials could be like the 'Happy Cows' spots. It is my understanding that these commercials have been on the air since the early 2000's. I don't know how I missed seeing them for so long, but I first noticed them a couple of years ago. These cows aren't selling anything, they are just living life through someones creative mind. The actual selling point of these ads is short and to the point........... ' Great cheese comes from Happy Cows, Happy Cows come from California' . This is usually stated at the end of the bovine escapades.
"Snooze," a past Happy Cow TV spot about two California cows who want to sleep late and toss a noisy rooster out of the barn, was recently ranked as one of the most-liked television advertisements in the country" (Borrowed from the California Dairy Press Room). This was among some of the first ones I saw. I think I would have to say though that my favorite was the "Meditating Duck". Those cows kept trying to tell the little guy that it just isn't "ommmm" it is "mooooo", but the duck just can't grasp it. to my delight, I noticed yesterday that there are now two new ones out.
Ad agencies can take a lesson from the California "Happy Cows". You don't have to beat a person over the head with your sales pitch to sell your product. In this case less is certainly more. I know when I go shopping and I see cheese and other dairy products I think of those "Happy Cows" have no problem buying the product. When I wheel down the detergent and cleaning supplies aisle and see OXI-CLEAN or BAM I hear Billy Mays, I feel his voice grinding into my last nerve and I just keep on going.


Tammy said...

I think the volume is louder on ol' Billy, and you are not the only one that hits mute. He should be a carnival huckster in my opinion!

Yes, I've noticed how long commercials are...I watch a soap opera Y&R daily and the Celebrex comercial that just started this weeks seems 20 minutes long.....

I love the cow comercials as does one of my private blog buds...she likes to air their videos...tickles her and us!

Have a warm and happy day!

David Crofts Munro said...

It just isn't "ommmm" it is "mooooo"


I shall make a point of watching more TV when I get back home.

Thanks for this -and thanks for your kind words earlier, my dear friends.

Cheers. I look forward to reading more from you.

jle said...

The sad thing is, we all remember who Billy Mays is!! THEY'VE GOTTEN TO US!!!