Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho.... It's Off To Work He Goes

In all honesty, I think I can say that Grandson Riley is the hardest working child I have ever known. He is a very busy little guy. A couple of years ago we added two rooms on to the house. Every time that Riley came to visit during this build on, he came complete with his work tools. To him it wasn't just pretend, he got right in there and hammered and screwed in screws.... You name it, he was there to do it. His little face would light up when Grandpa asked him for some help. When we were putting up the T 111 siding and painting it, he was right there with his paint brush to do his part. He would gather up any stray screws, nails and wood that he found and take it home with him in case he needed to do any fixing at home.

On Grandpa's birthday this year he brought along a few of his tools and his firefighting and police gear. It wasn't long before he spotted the pear trees and decided they could use a little pruning.

His Grammy in Kentucky got him the complete construction worker's gear set for Christmas. I can tell you there are few things that would have been better suited for him. We need to find some construction work for him to do around here now.

So many children today are so wrapped up in TV and video games that they seldom venture away from the television set. They are missing out on so much because of it. Instead exercising their imaginations they are being force fed 'stuff '. Now I am not knocking the video games like v-tech that are learning tools. I will also be the first one to sing the praises of video games as a great way to build eye hand co-ordination. However I believe they need to be limited so other things can stimulate those young minds.

As a child other than the winter time when it was very cold out, I remember most of my time being spent out side. I spent my share of time outside when it was cold weather too though. When there was snow on the ground I remember Mom putting layers of socks on my feet and hands, covered with bread bags (to keep in the warmth and keep out the wet) and then into the snow boots and mittens. In the summer time I waited impatiently for rain so I could get into the flower beds and start serving up my mud pies. We had a big galvanized wash tub that my mother used to wash her vegetables from the garden in before taking them to the house. When she wasn't using it, I was. It would become a cauldron where I cooked up cures for anything that could ail a person. My remedies mostly contained dandelions and whatever other wildflowers were in bloom at the time.

I just hope that the desire to work and to help people stays with Riley. It is an admirable trait.
This Grandma thinks he is a pretty admirable little guy too though.

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Lynne said...

What a sweetie! I love the construction worker's outfit. He's prepared for anything.

Can you send him down this way? I've got a project in mind and I sure could use some help!

I agree that kids today are inside glued to a TV or video game too much. They need fresh air and imagination.