Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Geaux Tigers

What an exciting game played out in New Orleans last night! The first quarter hadn't even ended when OSU grabbed the ball and ran it across the field for a touch down and a 10~0 lead against LSU. Did I give up on the Tigers? Did I take a doom and gloom attitude? Nope.
I won't get into it, but one of OSU's fans brought some bad Karma down on them this past summer. and I have been saying since then that OSU is going to loose in a big way because of this bad karma. I really should contact the team and give them this 'Bad Karma Guy's' name and address so they can track him down and take his fan jerseys and gear away. I feel bad that I didn't cheer OSU on since Tersie went to school there, her friend works there, and it is a home state school. I lived in Louisiana for a few years though and I stay away from Voodoo and bad karma.
I used to be a football fan, not a fanatic though. I enjoyed watching the games when my son played football in school. Over the years since then though I have just lost interest in the sport. The game last night certainly lit a spark to my enthusiasm. LSU did a fantastic job gaining control of that ball and running away with the game. The interceptions were absolutely thrilling moments for me. LSU Tigers brought the OSU Buckeyes down with a 38~24 win.
Great Job Team!


Anonymous said...

Ohio State is still the best. No matter if there is bad karma or not. I want both of the boys to play football for Ohio State.
So "Go Bucks"

Jo and JD said...

By the time my grand babies are ready to play football for OSU all of the Bad Karma will be gone and G'ma and G'pa will be there to cheer them on (God willing and the creeks don't rise) even when they play against LSU. Just keep them
away from girls that are trolling for husbands.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you just how good the food is down in Louisiana. And just how smart those 'Coon Asses' are, they knew that OSU players would fill up on those shrimp and mud bugs and all the rest of the best food you can find anywhere... Makes it hard to move around on a full belly!