Saturday, January 5, 2008

Uhhh Ohhh

How many days ago was it that I said I was going to pack Christmas up and put it away for a while? Hmmm... Something went wrong with that game plan somewhere along the way. The tree is still standing in the living room and the stockings are still hung. I guess you could say I got side tracked.
I don't remember right now what got in the way of me doing that on Wednesday or for that matter... on Thursday. I do recall yesterday though. Friday is Seth Day, which means that the whole day is devoted to little Mr. Seth until he gets a bit bigger and can join in with what we are doing.
Today is Saturday all ready. There is still snow on the ground for a little while anyway. We are supposed to get temperatures in the high 50's and rain, which should take care of the snow.
(Jo note: What month is it? January? Temps in the high 50's? Hmmmm... Can any one say 'Global Warming'?)
The big OSU ~vs~ LSU game is going to be on Monday and I want everything that needs immediate attention to be taken care of by then. In other words, I want no distractions. So I guess today is the day that this Domestic Goddess will buckle down and get Christmas packed up, do some dusting and mopping and search out photos for the wonderful frames I got for Christmas. Heck I might even start on a new knitting project.
By the way, I have to be honest with you here, Domestic Goddess I am not. In fact, there are signs posted all through the house that say "Free The Dust Bunnies". I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and take time to stop and enjoy the loved ones in your lives.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Well, today is Epiphany and the correct day to say goodbye to Christnas :-) Good luck to you.

smilnsigh said...

Tee, hee, hee... Our tree is still up too!


jle said...

i just have a little 2 foot tall tree from Target--it's one of those fiber optic ones, so glows in all these lovely colors! It's my answer to being under construction for these last 3 Decembers. It's such a pleasant thing to come downstairs to, i don't want to take it down!