Saturday, January 19, 2008

Diabetes Boot Camp

I spent the better part of the yesterday afternoon at my Endocrinologist's (aka Diabetes Boot Camp Drill Instructor) office. She went over my latest blood work results, which she wasn't impressed with. Those numbers are still way higher than she wants them to be.

I am on an oral medication for diabetes as well as insulin (Lantus) and Lizard Spit (Byetta). She decided that we need to increase the units of insulin that I take and make some adjustments to the oral meds and see what sort of results we get from that. Now don't get all grossed out over the Lizard Spit remark. The original protein that brought about Byetta was found in the saliva of the Gila Monster (one of only two poisonous lizards in North America). When I first found that bit of information out I thought it to be pretty interesting. It is always nice to know where things originate from that you are putting into your body.

I tend to off track from time to time ........... The Byetta is wonderful stuff, but is tricky to use I am finding out. I visited a web site (Diabetes Monitor)that spells this information out for you. For instance there is a window of one hour after you inject Byetta that you must eat. At what point you eat within that window, determines how well the Byetta is going to work and the effects it can have on you in the process. I found many such tid bits of information that I was not aware of before. My Drill Instructor, as good as she is, just didn't pass all of these extras on to me or was not aware of them. No problem though, now I know the rest of the story.

I told you about my Santa (Vicky) from AmMed Direct in December. Well I am still receiving wonderful little care packages from them with sample snack bars and lotion, diabetic recipes, coupons for diabetic supplies and sundry needs. If you are not hooked up with them, you really need to check out their web site and get in touch. I was paying big bucks for my testing supplies through my Prescription Insurance. Vicky took matters into her hands and found out that my Medical Insurance will cover my test supplies at a fraction of what it was costing me before.

Another really wonderful resource that I happened to stumble across a while back is dLife . I have found that I could spend hours at this web site just feasting on all of the information that is available there. dLife also features a TV program that airs on Sundays. I am not sure of the time or channel, but it is posted at the site. I have caught the program a few times and have found it very informative.

Living with diabetes can certainly be a challenge at times, but it doesn't have to consume your life. Any help that we, as diabetics can find helps makes the challenge a little less taxing. I hope that you find the links I have provided here helpful. If you are not diabetic, but know someone that is, why not pass this information on to them. Please do this especially if that person is newly diagnosed. I remember feeling so overwhelmed when I was first diagnosed. That was quite a while before computers became a big part of every home. I had no idea that so many other people were fighting the same battles I was with the disease and that they were probably feeling pretty much alone, as well. My resources at the time pretty much consisted of my family doctor and what pamphlets he had available.


PEA said...

I have an aunt who is diabetic, as well as a niece through marriage. My aunt only needs the oral medication for it but my niece who is now 36 years old, has been needing the insulin needles since she was 5 years old. I've learned a lot about the disease through them and it's really amazing the support that's out there for them:-) xox

Tammy said...

My Internal Med doc in Ky diagnosed me with Diabetes...since moving to Ohio I'm told after reviewing my records that I don't have it and never did...I don't know what to think anymore! My blood work tests are fine with just a tad of high I guess I shouldn't is just that I went through so much thinking I did have it!

Holly said...

All the best and great info. I've had type 1 for 42 years. Had my good and bad years, but am doing well so far. Insulin pump?? Had mine for 12 years and really love it. Again, great info.

Theresa said...

My mom's diabetic. Type II, which she discovered when she was right around . . . my age in fact. Thanks for the education and the support for others in the same situation. Glad to hear you're taking charge of your health.
PS Thanks for all the great comments on my blog. I'm so glad you found me.

jle said...

Regarding stuff we put in our bodies? i take Premarin: horse urine. M-m good.


Jeffery Johnson said...

It is always great to read how we have helped someone with gaining better access to the supplies they need. It does make it more meaningful to know about who we serve. I work in the, what we call, fulfillment center at AmMed Direct.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Jeffery Johnson
Fulfillment Associate

Anonymous said...

Chatterbox says:

My daughter is 36 and had become type 2 diabetic following in my ugly foot steps. I'm 55 soon. She had observed several friends at work go through the process of Gastric Laproscopic Bypass surgery and do great. So, she had hers this last November on Thanksgiving Day! And, has lost 55 lbs and has never had to take another pill, Byetta shot or insulin since she came home from the hospital! I'm proud of her, but scared for me; even though my type 2 is really not under control with 2 kinds of insulin daily (5 injections)! I plan to begin a Dr. supervised weightloss program called Medifast
soon, because that is like step #1required before Gastric surgery to get insurance approval. Her program
is called NEWWEIGH. Thanks for listening...I exploded at the mouth! And I recently learned there
is even an Endoscopic procedure to
pleat the stomach if some gain weight back after Gastric surgeries
called Stomaphyx. Interesting huh?