Monday, September 7, 2009

The Joys And Tears Of Friendship

Have you ever had a friend that is always there exactly when you need a friend the most? How about a friend that no matter how screwed up you sometimes are, she is by your side offering unconditional love and understanding? I have such a friend and her name is Jackie. She has been the sister to me that I have always dreamed of having. When I was going through my divorce and between the stress and the Prozac, my mind was telling me I would be better off to just go to sleep and never wake up. Jackie was there to talk me in off of the ledge so to speak. Not only was she there for me at that time, but she lined up a group of friends up who loaded me down with so much love and support and gave me the strength that I needed to see me through that nightmare.

Our friendship consist of more than the stormy weather love and support. We have had our share of good times and laughs. On one of Jackie's visits to Ohio, I took her on a tour of our countryside. I pointed out the cows grazing on the hillside and told her that we grow lop-legged cows here. Two of their legs are shorter than the other two. This is necessary so they don't tumble down the side of the hill. We had a good laugh over that. To this day every time I see cows grazing on a hillside I think of Jackie. Then there was the time that she commented that I was a loyal friend much like a good dog is loyal. I told her that it was all because she handed out such good ear scratchings.

About 6 years ago she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She fought the battle of her life. Once diagnosed as being cancer free, the colon cancer did not come back. Recently she was having a problem with her knee and leg and went to the Dr. to try and find out what was causing the problem. After x-rays, MRI's and bone scans she went to the Dr. in Atlanta Thursday, the 3rd for results. She was told that she now has bone cancer. The Dr. directly admitted to Emory Hospital and Jackie went through a 3 hour surgery on Friday, the 4th. I am asking you to please offer up prayers for Jackie and to place her name on as many prayer groups as you can. She needs as much strength as she can muster to get through this. Her battle with the colon cancer took it's toll on her and she still wasn't back to 100% when she was hit with the news of the bone cancer. It would be easy to throw in the towel and give up, but I know that God answers prayer and he is in the healing business.

May your week bring you many blessings.