Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Time.............

It has been a long time I know! I am still alive and well on J.D.'s mountain and still kicking. Since I last posted I have finished my therapy and received an "  Atta Girl"   from my doctor. The knee replacement, healing and recovery time went so well that we are going to do it all over again on September 13th. My right knee is just as bad as the left knee was just not quite as painful. Riley thinks it is really cool that I will have matching gnarly scars. 

We sold our camper a few years ago when the gas prices were so high and bought a car that would be easier on gas than the truck is. We have both missed having a camper so we bought another one.  The idea being that with the camper we can take Paddy with us when we travel instead of having to put her in a kennel. Our plan is to go visit the youngest of the rebel children who is living in Chicago later this month. We will come home and rest up a little bit and head south to Louisiana and Texas to visit with the rest of the family. We will get an opportunity to see how well Paddy is going to travel.

When we get all of our traveling out of the way we will be busy putting the house up for sale. Yes, you heard me right.............. We are going to sell our home here on J.D's mountain. It is just getting to be too much for J.D. to handle. In the winter it is hauling all of the wood for the wood stoves and then keeping up with the yard maintenance all summer. Of course we need to take into consideration that we are getting older ( I know it is hard to believe that, but it is true) and it is at least a 30 minute drive in any direction to medical care. We really need to move to town or at least closer to town. We will have our work cut out for us. It is amazing how much a person can accumulate in just 6 years. If we sell this house before finding some place else to buy, we can always park the camper at a RV Park and live out of it for a while.

You may not hear from me for a while as we are traveling around, but I promise to touch base when ever I can. May your guardian angel watch over you, keep you safe and sprinkle you with many blessings as you enjoy this beautiful season full of breath taking sights, sounds and smells.