Sunday, January 20, 2013

Make Me Smile

Even the heaviest of hearts can be uplifted when it comes in contact with children and their down to earth innocent way of thinking and expressing themselves.

Recently my 9 year old grandson told his mother that he will be starting puberty on Tuesday. I had no idea that puberty was scheduled these days. All it took was a look at the school lunch menu hanging on the fridge to see that it is indeed true. There it was scheduled to start on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 just like he said. Perhaps knowing when puberty starts will ease the mind. Especially if your friends have already started their puberty and you are feeling a bit left behind. You can just look at the calendar and say no big deal.... I start my puberty on Tuesday.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, what he was referring to was Puberty Classes. Evidently, they no longer call it Health Classes or even Sex Education Classes. Just like Home Economics no longer exist. Now I believe it is called Domestic Engineering, unless they have renamed that again as well.

The countless times that my children and grandchildren have brightened my life and lightened my heart with priceless little jewels like this story still brings a smile to my face. I wish I had made note of all of the giggles and laughs they have given me over the years so I wouldn't forget any of them. What a best selling book I could have written. 

Wishing you all lots of giggles and laughs as you journey through life.