Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Black Cat
by ~ Shane Hubbard

Under the stars the feline crept, 
Her fur as black as unmined coal.
Under their light she slyly stepped;
This way and that she stole.
Oh, pity the victims who suffered her wrath,
And the people she crossed on her path.

Under the mounds of trash and rot,
And about dim alleys, the cat,
Black as both the kettle and pot,
Skulked, never hearing, "Scat!"
For no human dared to offend the stray,
And neither did the predator's prey!

Under the eaves, throughout the town,
This omen of terrible luck
Nimbly walked in her sable gown,
All with fear were struck.
For fables tell that the cat who is black
 May bewitch all  those who cross her track!

For many years now I go on a trip when I feel a chill in the air and the leaves on the trees have turned so many vibrant earth-tone colors. I love to watch, as those same leaves slowly begin floating to the ground. I always hope that it doesn't rain for a while, giving the fallen leaves the opportunity to turn brown so I can walk through them and listen to the crackling noise that they make under my feet. I visit many homes while I am on my journeys and the people that I see are always so happy and welcoming. Like me, those that travel with me are never dressed in a trendy manner. In most cases it is old clothes that we wear, put together and with a little makeup added to disguise our true identities.  I am always met with smiles, kind words and sweetness, as are my companions. 

There is no price tag on this trip that I take and I don't have to book it in advance, because my means of transportation is through the recesses of my mind. Memory takes me back to my childhood home on Halloween night to go trick or treating in a time when parents didn't have to walk with their children as we went door to door unless they wanted to. We were safe within our community where children were loved and cared for. This was a time when there was  no need to fear strangers just for saying, "Hello". Parents didn't have to sort through the mounds of sweet goodies that we carried home searching for signs of tampering or take it all to the hospital to have x-rays made to check for hidden needles and razor blades. In fact a lot of what we received wasn't sealed in packaging. Things like apples and oranges, homemade cookies, candy apples and popcorn balls. What a wonderful time it was for growing up. 

If wishes came true, it would be for every child to experience such a Halloween at least once in their lifetime. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween! 

May God Bless You and Hold You in the Palm of His Hand. 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

As hurricane Sandy makes its way north along the Atlantic coast, I am keeping family and friends that will find themselves in the path of this Frankenstorm in my thoughts and prayers. All reports say that it will be far reaching and pack a powerful blow.

I went in search of lamp oil this morning to fuel our hurricane lamps, only to find that the shelf where it should have been stocked stood empty. No problem..... I can do candles as well. So now we are all stocked up with our necessary supplies and will hunker down to wait for this storm to arrive and pass. In a day or two, no matter what this storm brings our way, we will emerge like everyone around us, none the worse for the wear. At which time we will pick up where we left off and continue our day to day journey. Come to think about it, that is pretty much what we do regarding all storms in our lives. Those that invade our emotions, as well as our environment.

Be safe everyone and may God Bless You and Hold You in the Palm of His Hand.