Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcoming In 2008

We had a wonderful evening yesterday waiting to welcome in the New Year. Miss T-Bear is an excellent companion when it comes to staying awake through the magic hour. I on the other hand took little snoozes here and there up until midnight. G'pa was typing like mad on the computer. We set him up with his very own blog account yesterday and I can tell you that he will prove to be a dedicated blogger. He was busy writing up advanced blogs, planning ahead and organizing things for his blog. His blog is J.D.'s Soapbox so be sure to stop in and welcome him to the neighborhood. He loves to debate so if you see something on his blog that you either agree with or not, be sure to leave a comment.

It was a treat to have T-Bear here on the mountain with us last night. She is such a sweet little tenderhearted child. It is so difficult for me to watch these girls growing up. They are so quickly turning into young ladies and no longer my little girls. It doesn't seem that long ago they were playing dress up and putting on skits for us. (Jo note: Skits that they wrote themselves, I might add. Between the three of them, there was never any lack of imagination.) The glass that contained T-Bears bubbly last night was a treasure of a find from three summers ago when the girls and I took a weekend afternoon to check out some promising Yard Sales. They spent the weekend toasting each other with smoothies from their new gold etched crystal goblets. Oh and I forgot to mention the gold and diamond jewelry they found on the jewelry tables at the yard sales. The jewels just dripped from their ears, necks and wrists.

T-Bear had mentioned that she didn't understand why people feel the need to drink alcohol when they celebrate. So we joined her with non-alcoholic bubbly stuff last night. By midnight G'pa had spilled his glass of the good stuff on the floor and I was mopping it up. T-Bear and I decided that in the future G'pa won't be allowed any more of the non-alcoholic bubbly, we will give him the 'Real Deal' thinking it will be better to have a sleepy G'pa than a messy one. It was indeed a wonderful evening.

We have a busy day ahead of us. I have a pot of Black eyed peas cooking on the stove to take to Chris and Melody's later today. After T-Bear wakes up we will get started on Britt's birthday cake and I will pop a pan of corn bread in the oven to carry to the celebration as well.

Being 1/4 Cherokee, I try to learn as much as possible about my heritage and the ways of my ancestors and try to pass these things on to my children and grandchildren. Today I start a new journey down that path of learning. I found a book on Amazon last year titled: "365 Days of Walking The Red Road" by Terri Jean. It is the Native American path to leading a Spiritual Life Every Day. I hope that the end result will be a better me than I started the year as being.


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Janice said...

A delightful post! :o) Another book that you may enjoy, is:
'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler. I gave my sister a copy of it for Christmas and she is enjoying it so much!
Blessings for a wonderful new year!