Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's Agenda

J.D. will certainly be surprised when he reads the title for my posting today. Although it has been a while since he has asked me, one question that used to come on a regular basis was, "What's on the agenda for today?" I suppose that he now has figured me out. Although you will occasionally find a 'To Do List' composed by me, you will find it to be a rare list that is completely checked off. It never has bothered me when I didn't get my lists completed. It just made writing my next list easier because I always had a starting point (what I didn't complete on the previous list). I mostly get through my day by playing everything by ear and going with the flow of things.

The weatherman told us last night that the near 70 degree temperatures will be coming to an end today. As temperatures drop today we will be seeing some rain this afternoon. Considering that we are down to just a few gallons of spring water left and with the weather for the next few days not looking too good, J.D. mentioned last night that we need to make a water run this morning.

Although we have well water, we don't use it for drinking or cooking. It is a seepage well and I for one am more comfortable using it for bathing and washing dishes only. We located a place not too long ago where we can get spring water and started saving up bottles and jugs to fill, so we can bring it home for our drinking and cooking needs. It may not be the famous Arrowhead Spring Water, but oh it sure does taste good. It reminds me of Grandma Crace's water when I was a child. There is just a pure crisp taste to it that you don't find in tap water.

So there you have it, my agenda for today will include going for spring water. It is a nice enjoyable ride and who knows, we just may find something along the way that shouts at us, "Take My Picture!"

Hmmmmm...... not much of an agenda, but it is a start.


Lynne said...

I bet that water tastes good! I can't drink tap water any more. We have a filter in the refrigerator, so that water is cold and clear. Shelby likes to take bottled water to school, so I buy about 1-2 cases per week (Dom and I drink it too). We get the big jugs of bottled water for the dogs too.

I always make to-do lists but rarely get everything done. I'm getting better though.

Julie said...

Your lists are like my lists. Revolving and never ending.