Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh

There needs to be a way to get off of the IRS mailing list other than just not paying your taxes. They tend to get their bloomers (I like that word. My Mother used to say it.) in a bunch when you do that. Something similar to the 'Do Not Call List' would work for me. Perhaps an 'Opt Out List' could be created.

All joking aside, along with each New Year comes the over bearing shadow of every one's beloved Uncle Sam with his hand out. Ohhhh now, don't sugar coat the picture of that dear old uncle looking to us for assistance of a great need he has for just a few of our hard earned dollars. No! No! No! That hand is out so he can quickly grab us by the ankles, turn us each upside down and shake until every cent has fallen from our pockets. He then quickly gathers it all up and uses it in ways that few of us would approve of.

I have been dragging my feet and putting off the task of purging our filing cabinet and getting the receipts and paper work ready for 'Our People'. Every time I open the filing cabinet it is more than obvious that I need to get busy on this task. It is getting to the point that I can barely get my hand between the hanging files. So far my response has been like the Quaker snack commercial on TV. The one where the girl is being followed by an ice cream truck. She is fighting the temptation by turning her head slightly and trying to hum louder than the ice cream truck's music. Then she reaches into her pocket and the day is saved by the Quaker snack pack. I open the filing cabinet drawer, quickly reach in and try to grab whatever file I am in need of and pull it out while slamming the drawer shut with that right on the second accuracy so as not to catch my hand with the drawer. As much as I dread it, I am going to have to get started on that this week.

It seems to me that when our forefathers saw fit to toss all of that tea into the Boston Harbor it was really a waste of good tea. Are we not again being taxed to death? Is it time for another uprising? I do have a suggestion for any Revolution against taxes that may come about. Instead of throwing tea into the harbor, this time why not make it the politicians.

Hope your day isn't too taxing.


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jle said...

OOH!! lovin' the visual of the politicians being thrown in!!

BClark said...

Great visual, since I found out that all those unproductive conniving officials get to collect a paycheck for the rest of their lives I have been royaly pissed. That is our money they are having a cushy life on, and they keep going on about no social security. Put back what they do not earn and we would be fine!!! Phewwww, Barbara