Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Sunshine

As I was sitting on the pergola the other day I took a picture of my rock garden with the creeping phlox just starting to bloom.

After a few days of sunshine and warmth this is what it looked like. I need to either thin out the phlox or add more rocks. I think adding more rocks will be the easier solution and I'm all for easier.

Melody has been shopping at the garden center. She found these really unique toad stools and got them for me to put in my flower beds with my fairies.
These two cuties were her latest find. I think they are adorable. She called me yesterday to see if I have room for some of the plants that she needs to thin out. Well of course I do!!! Now all I need to do is get out there and get their new home ready for them.
Now let's all hear a round of applause for me. The baby blanket that I started when there was snow on the ground is finally finished. Yes, the new great grand baby won't have to wait until he is going off to pre~school to get this little gift. His arrival date is creeping up on us..... Just another month to go.

I thought I would share with you pictures of the beautiful gift that Angela (my daughter through marriage) sent to me for my birthday. Her husband, Nick works for ConocoPhillips and is overseeing the construction of a new refinery in Abu Dhabi, which is where they are living for the time being.

Two hot pads

and two throw pillow covers.
You should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them so you can better see the detail. All of the embroidery is hand stitched.

I know, I wouldn't have the patience to do this. Even if I dared to try, it would take me two years to complete the hot pad and probably five years to complete a throw pillow cover.

~Have a beautiful Sunday~


Jeff B said...

The gardening I could do...the stich work not a chance I would have the patience for. They really are beautiflly done,

Thanks for your recent visits, I'll make a point to come back and hope you do the same.

Jo said...

You and Gene both have me hooked... I will be sure to visit you both.

Actually the two of you remind me of my own children.... That's a good thing :-)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Boy, that plox does grow is very pretty...I adore rock gardens!

Have a great Sunday! ☼

Mike Golch said...

the photos are great.I take my hat off to you for the baby blanket.

Jo said...

The only thing I don't like about the creeping phlox, Ya~Ya is that it only blooms once, but the green is pretty against the rocks too.

Mike thank you for the praise. The blankets that I made for Riley was so long getting to him, everyone teased me that if he was going to get any use from it he would have to take it to kindergarten with him and then it turned into college. I heard the same thing when Seth was born..... I am so proud of this effort because it is finished a whole month early.

MYSTI said...

Wow look how gorgeous those flowers are! Adding more rocks would be cool, but oh wow the flowers as they are , are just spectacular! The baby blanket you made is so sweet, and wow the patience you needed to complete it. Thank you for sharing!

Hugs and blessings

Theresa said...

Ay, yi, yi, yi. It's snowing here right now. And we call this Spring.

PEA said...

Dearest Jo,

How I wish my phlox would grow like that! lol I love the colour of yours, it's so beautiful. Last year I bought some of those ceramic toadstools, very much like yours...I put them in my faerie garden as well:-) Love those birds, how gorgeous. I can't wait to start planting in my faerie garden but still much too early. We can't plant anything until the end of May or early wonder we have such a short growing season.

Yeaaaaah for you for finishing the baby blanket!! hehe It's beautiful, you sure did a wonderful job with it.

Oh wow, those embroidered pillow cases are fabulous. I'm always amazed at the work some people do with a needle and thread!!

Hope you're enjoying some beautiful weather this week:-) xoxo

julia said...

AAALL gorgeous things! i love the rock garden, and WOW check out that blanket! That's a work of love for certain...
i tried once doing that sort of embroidery--time consuming, but lovely!

Connie said...

What a glorious color those flowers are. You really must have the green thumb. Thanks for the peek!