Saturday, April 19, 2008

Easy Does It

If I am anything, it is I am persistent. Every time I watch this movie clip I smile. I just wish there was some way to protect these little guys from all of the hurt and pain that comes with life..... ~Jo (aka G'ma)


oldcrow61 said...

Cute little guy.

Mike Golch said...

cuye little guy,and yes we all wish there was a way to protect them.I feel the same way about my neices and nephews.

I like the music you added,Thanks.

Diane J. said...

Emmy is almost to this stage. She's taking one or two steps before she realizes she's unsupported and stops, sits down or grabs ahold of something. Once they start walking they're never still again, it seems. ;o)

Some around here felt the earthquake, but apparently I slept through it. I've felt others over the years though and I'd honestly rather dodge tornadoes. At least you can take shelter from a tornado, but there's no hiding from an earthquake. I hate 'em!

Hope your weekend is a good one, Jo. ;o)

Love and hugs,


smilnsigh said...

Yes, we all wish we could protect all our Grands. But, all we can hope is that they get a good grounding, and can roll with life's punches. I guess...


Gene Bach said...

He looks like me after I get off a helicopter. LOL! Cool video. Lots of wobbling going on there.