Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Springtime Wonder

It is such a beautiful day out today. We have the doors and windows all open and there is a soft breeze circulating through the house. With camera in hand I strolled around the yard this morning and took a few pictures which I thought I would share with you. I even threw in a springtime poem for good measure.
The sky has never looked so blue
Never a breeze so sweet
Flowers burst forth in brilliant array
As April comes to greet.
The trees stand tall in their glory
Tender leaves cover limbs once bare
Yards filled with laughing children
Can you match the splendor there?
There is nothing quite as pleasant
As a walk in springtime hours
The bees even harmonize with life
As they drift among the flowers.
A golden rainbow after a storm
Beauty beyond compare
A taste of heaven here on earth
With green grass everywhere.
God softly whispers to us
As gentle rains caress
The countryside with drops of life
In such pure tenderness.
And if you listen close enough
I'm sure that He'll impart
The freshness of spring upon your soul
And a flower in your heart!

Written By:Marilyn Ferguson©1987


Connie said...

Jo, Such beautiful pictures. Aren't you so happy the sun is back in the sky ? You have such a neat blog and I like your Monday feature.
The one below breaks my heart as we so respect the elderly in other countries, and here it just seems like the words are " I am in a hurry". We need to stop and slow down ourselves, as we will be this man soon enough. Bless him........ and you.

MYSTI said...

Beautiful pictures, and i am so happy spring is here!

thanks for sharing,


PEA said...

Such perfect pictures to go with the words of that poem...beautiful!! You are a bit more advanced than we are with your signs of Spring. We're still trying to get rid of the snow! lol Our trees still don't have buds on them and no flowers are blooming but I know it won't be long now:-) xox

judypatooote said...

Oh yes those wonderful signs of spring.....I love forsythia... judy

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi. I came from Pea's blog. Just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos and heartwarming poem.

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely photos Jo.