Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Screwy Word Verifications

J.D. has been under the weather all day today. The pollen is so heavy right now and he has been out in it the past few days. As a result his allergies have started kicking up a fuss and has him sniffling, sneezing and coughing. So he toddled off to bed early tonight. I know he would appreciate it if you dropped by his blog, J.D.'s Soap Box to wish him a speedy recovery.
If you have visited any of the blogs that have the word verification in there comments section, then you have no doubt noticed how completely wild the letters have become. I think I know the reason for this........ Instead of me giving you the breaking news I am going to send you to visit Gene at Turning The Pages Of Life . Until I read this on his blog I didn't have a clue. While you are there check out his other postings, you'll be glad you did and tell him Jo sent you.
Well folks, it is off to dreamland for me. Wishing you all a blessed evening and a day of sunshine tomorrow. ~Jo


PEA said...

I've just left a comment on J.D.'s post...I do hope he feels better real soon! My cold became full blown yesterday but today I'm already starting to feel better so I'm glad that it's going through its stages rapidly!!! Even my cough is all loosened up now:-)

I went to read that post about word verification...that was quite interesting! Yesterday when I was visiting some blogs I noticed how odd the word verifications looked...today they seem normal!

I just read your Meaningful Monday and what an awesome sight it must have been to see all those pinwheels but what a sad message they represent. I agree with you, abuse has always been around, it just wasn't reported or talked about back then.

Hope your week has been going well:-) xoxo

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for this link. And I too said I'd been sent there, via a link in your blog.

I am so glad to have something to tell people, which explains all the techy stuff. I know the weird stuff which is being done. But I can't explain it. Great to see it explained.

And I'm glad I have had Comment Verification installed, for a while. It works. I'm able to be on the net enough, to keep up with vetting and publishing my comments.

And even if I wasn't on line as much... I still will keep it. And commenters will just have to understand. Hey, I'm not *torturing* them, with Word Verification any more. -grin- They should be *grateful* for that! ,-)

Again, thank you.

P.S. WOW! Your word verification is easyyyyyyyyyyyy, today!!!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Awww, sorry to hear that JD is not up to par. Do hope he feels better soon.