Friday, April 18, 2008

On The Road Again.....

I have been meeting myself coming and going since my last post. Wednesday Britt and T~Bear spent the night with us. Since we live outside of their school district we needed to pick them up after school. While I was waiting for T~Bear to get out of school some woman came over to the car and called me by name and asked how I have been doing, when did I move back from Louisiana and how much she had missed seeing me around. Then she went on to say that she was just telling Kenny (I don't recall who Kenny is) the other day that I was her favorite person of everyone that worked at Wal-Mart (which has been at least 9 years ago). I don't have a clue who this woman was and still can't recall her. I did tell her how sweet she was to say I was her favorite person. Back to Britt and T~Bear. Britt is in the Drama Club and had play practice from 7 til 9 so after eating dinner we drove her back to school and went to visit with Chris and Melody and the boys while we waited for her. I really was stressing over getting the girls to school on time Thursday morning. We live 30 minutes from town and I needed to allow time for the possibility of getting caught behind a school bus on the way and other traffic. As it turned out we were about 35 minutes early...... All that stress for nothing. They were up and getting ready on the first call. I don't recall many times that their mother or their Uncle Chris ever did that.

I spoiled them with sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast. We really enjoy it when the grandchildren are here.

I learned an interesting detail from Britt. She has participated in the "Quiz Bowl" for several years now. I asked her if she would be taking part again this year and she told me that she was busy with other activities and forgot to get her application in. She said that by the time she thought about it it was too late to get her drug test.. ??????????????? My response was. "A drug test to take part in the Quiz Bowl?" She said that everyone that takes part in any extra curricular activities has to be tested for drugs. I have mixed feelings about this. I know it has been a couple of years since I went to school, but as I remember it, the kids that did drugs seldom, if ever, took part in anything extra that went on at school. If that is still the case, it seems as if the kids that are most likely doing drugs are slipping through the cracks. If they are going to do drug tests I think it should be random testing on the total student body.

Today was Seth Day and when we arrived we were greeted by Riley. He is so excited because his birthday is coming up on the 23rd. His Birthday Party will be tomorrow though. G'ma and G'pa will take some pictures to share. It is so hard to believe that he is going to be 5 years old. Come fall he will be going off to Kindergarten. He is already counting to 100 and reading sentences. ..... I just don't know where the time goes.

Of course right behind Riley, we were greeted by Mama and Seth. He is such a sweety and G'Pa's Boy. He has learned something new so we did a clip of it to show you. I tried to add it to this posting, but I am having a problem with it. As soon as I can figure out how to post it on my blog I will share it with you.

One last note of interest, this morning a little after 5:30 I was checking my e-mail and I heard the house making noises and the computer monitor was shaking. It was just for a minute and then it quit. I dismissed it and then later heard on the news about the earthquake. The time was right, so I figure that must be what it was. What I experienced though was so faint and quick, had I been asleep it wouldn't have been noticed at all.

Have a Great Day..... ~Jo


oldcrow61 said...

It's always great when the grandchildren come to visit. We spoil them rotten, don't we, lol.

Mike Golch said...

Jo,sausage gravy and biscuits,can I come over for some??

Ky Woman said...

Grandchildren give us a chance to make up for being so busy when our own children were growing up. Rather it does me... and yes, I spoil them rotten too!