Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grab A Cuppa

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was quite a long day. J.D. and I both had Dr. appointments, which even under the best of circumstances can manage to shoot a huge hole in your day. The Dr. wants to have J.D. tested for P.A.D. and he is sedning me to the pain management clinic to see if they can help me with the effects of my Fibromyalgia.

They recently built an Olive Garden in Chillicothe so we decided after seeing the Dr. to go there for lunch. Everything was so delicious. That in itself was our bight spot in the day.

We were still carrying prescriptions around that needed filling, so on to the pharmacy we went. There we had a 45 minute wait for the prescriptions could be filled. So we did a little bit of shopping and waited and waited and waited some more. J.D. went to check to see if they were ready for pickup yet and got in line where he waited and waited and waited some more. He had noticed a woman standing off to the side that had been waiting longer than he had so when it came to be his turn he allowed this woman to go ahead of him. Sometimes even the smallest act of kindness can spark nastiness from self centered people. The venom sprayed out of the woman's mouth behind J.D. when she immediately said, "Some people don't think they have to wait in line!" J.D. (diplomatic as he is) turn and told her, the woman was there waiting on the side when he got in line. Subject closed! Then it was our turn to pick up our drugs and from there it was homeward bound.
I picked up a big bag of bird seed yesterday while we were out. The other day I looked out the window and the yard was full of robins. We also have our year round birds hopping about looking for seeds. With the ground covered with snow and the trees and snow covered with a layer of ice, I thought it might be the nice and neighborly thing to do to put out some seed for them that is easier accessable than what is under all of that snow and ice.
One of our blog friends visited J.D's blog and asked how we ended up in the little house on the mountain. When we got home yesterday he did a post with that topic. In the four months that we spent on the road looking with realtor listings and classified pages in hand, I truly do believe that the wheels of our truck rolled over every road in this county. Still today we will travel on a road that I don't recall being on before and J.D. will comment that it looks familiar. I remember one house we looked at that wasn't too bad for the money they wanted for it. It had quite a bit of land that came with it. We drove past it and on up the road to turn around so we could see it good from another angle.... The next drive is where we turned at. The house sat back off of the road and you didn't notice it until you pulled into the drive way..... WOW!!!! What we saw was a house surrounded with bright yellow crime scene tape. It didn't take much to convince us that we didn't want to live in that neck of the woods.
That pretty much recaps yesterday. Have a great day and thank you for coming by for the coffee and visit.


BClark said...

Well I read and read and think I am finally caught up. I love your house on the mountain and all the cool things you come up with. Glad you were finally hooked up with the good stuff and can speed through cyberland. You can also see tv which is a good thing. Best to you in all you do, Barbara

smilnsigh said...

I hope you will find some pain management which works well.

Mmmmm, a crime scene. Yikes. Best way to scratch off a possible buy. ,-)


Tammy said...

We love the Olive Garden...mouth watering as I type this....

I went and got some more bird feed for my greedy little birds...they are so sweet with their songs though!!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Hope said...

Hi Jo,
I didn't feel well today and went back to bed! Now I'm late and just catching up..didn't even post!! I have a DR. appt. Friday..joy, joy! I hope and pray that JD's test will be okay and that the pain clinic will be able to help you. You two have so much livin' to do on your mountain and you both need to be able to enjoy it!! At least you got to Olive Garden on your outing today. Yum!!

I already thanked JD and now I want to thank you for sharing your story with me. I enjoyed reading it all. Crime scene?? Too much! LOL


julia said...

Oh boy, you know i'm with you on that whole fibromyalgia pain thing!! Just don't go back on Lyrica, okay? ;-)

Rosie said...

Hi Jo, I hope your pain management place works out. Its very hard to find anyone where I live. Have you tried that new fibro drug?