Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vegetarian Valentines

Love Is Like A Cabbage
My love is like a cabbage
Divided into two,
The leaves I give to others,
The heart I give to you.

~Author Unknown

Veggie Valentine

You may not "Carrot" all for me

The way I care for you.

You may "Turnip" your nose

When I plead with you.

But if your "heart' should "Beet" with mine

Forever "Lettuce" hope

There is no reason in the world

Why we two "Cantaloupe".

~Author Unknown

~Happy Valentines Day~


Lynne said...

Those are cute! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

violetlady said...

So cute. Have a love filled day.

Linds said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a wonderful time together.

Tammy said...

This brought a smile to my face, thank you!
Happy Valentine's day to you and J.D.!

judypatooote said...

I love the black and white cards with just a touch of color.... cute poems....

BClark said...

Hi Jo, Just spent some time catching up, man you have been busy. Really liked your vegie valentines. And the wolf saying was very cool, hope it's ok if I copy it. I hope Mike makes it back with your direct TV, we have it and have been treated well. I know that overcast feeling, today was our first sun in ages. All the best to you and for being such a cool Nana! Barbara

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful words. Gave me a broad smile :-)

smilnsigh said...

Those have to be the cutest Valentine's Day poems, ever! ,-)