Friday, February 8, 2008

Road Trip Friday

That hazey look is pretty much what it looked like around here all day yesterday. Somehow, I don't see any reason why it will look any different today. A typical yucky winter ~ almost, but not quite spring day. Has anyone noticed that I am ready for some springtime?

All that aside, today is Seth Day and I am looking forward to it. I hear from his mama that he is in the process of perfecting his crawl. Also as he crawls, he eats anything that will fit into his mouth. The other day he tried stickers. When Riley was about Seth's age, he gave Ladybugs a try. You would hear crunch, crunch, crunch and check out his mouth...... sure enough it would be full of Ladybugs. ( I think I would like to explain the reason for the large abundance of ladybug population so that there would be mouthfuls available for Riley to crunch on as a snack. It is due to Ohio thinking several years back that they needed to import a zillion of them to aid in ridding the state of its aphid problem. As it would happen they created another problem with a ladybug population that is out of control and not enough for them to eat). Riley saw his own solution, eat them before they could bite him. At any rate today should be a busy day keeping up with our mobile grandson.

Has anyone caught the new GE commercial on TV lately? I just happened upon it the other day while I was sick. It made me laugh and perked me up. It starts with a shot of a nice looking home in the country and a tree across the road uproots itself and drags its root laiden body across the road to stand next to the house. Then the camera takes a look around the house at all of the energy saving products (GE no doubt) and even the solar panels on the roof. It throws in a verbal line or two about saving energy and living 'Green'. Then it shows the tree snuggling up to the house and goes from there to a couple of farmers standing in the field across the way. One says to the other............... (Are you ready for this?)........... "House Hugger!" I loved it! I have to applaud GE for this one.

Have a great day everyone!



Tammy said...

I've not noticed the lady bugs here as bad as I did in Western KY...they used to invade a corner of my ceiling in the kitchen and living least they stayed up there out of baby mouth way...LOL!

I've noticed a lot of silly commercials and most don't make a lick of sence...I put it down to the writers strike? Anyhow, I've not seen that one but it sounds more interesting than the ones I've seen.

Have a great Seth day!

Diane J. said...

Thanks for the coffee, I need it. ;o)

I haven't seen that commercial, I'll have to watch for it. It sounds funny.

I don't know of a baby that doesn't sample everything they can get their hands on, edible or not. It all goes in their mouths, including Emmy. We really have to watch her.

Hope your day with Seth was a good one. I know you've been having withdrawals. ;o)

Have a great weekend, Jo!

Love and hugs,


Tersie said...

hehe ... I haven't seen that commercial, but then I don't watch a whole lot of television either. And when I do, I'm TiVoing it and fast forwarding through all of those nasty commercials. I'll have to watch for that one. Sounds like something right up my alley!

David Crofts Munro said...

Excellent entry / photograph. The feel of it reminds me of home.

Thanks again.

Wapiti said...

I've seen that commercial. Most commercials fall into either the stupid or offensive categories. Not this one. It is really cute. Usually animated trees tend to be creepy, but this one is lovely with its clouds of leaves. It is even winsome and lovable looking. The producers in the few brief minutes managed to give the tree a personality. It skitters across the road to avoid being seen like it is self conscious about moving about. The curious tree investigates a house in the next meadow. It hugs the house after discovering that is it environmentally friendly.

If my house attracted a beautiful tree like that, I'd want her to stay.

I too applaud GE for an adorable commercial.