Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

This is our frog dog. He sits on top of a 1 1/2 to 2 foot rock, half way down our winding path from the parking area to the house. He was laying on top of that rock when we bought the house 4 years ago and still occupies that spot welcoming anyone that should come to visit. I used to use him as a guideline for Riley when he was a little guy and played outside. He could play anywhere in the front of the property, but wasn't to go past the frog on the rock. I would watch him run up the path and bend over and look that frog over real good, then come running back to the house to inform me, "That frog isn't even real, Gummaw".

While I am on the subject of Riley, I have a story to share. About a week ago, out of the blue he asked if dogs can take cat naps!! That I think is an excellent question. He was told yes. Then he goes into the living room and lays down, closes his eyes and Mom and Dad hear...... "zzzzz... meow.... zzzzz... meow". This was their cue to carry the discussion of cat naps a little farther. I love it when these little ones come up with questions like this. It shows that those little minds are churning away and they are doing what they are meant to do................. LEARNING!!

The Direct TV tech made it up the mountain on Thursday morning and got us hooked up with some great reception. We questioned him about the lousy reception we had from Dish Network and he told us that from what he saw, as he disconnected their handy work was that it was never hooked up right to start with. I told him about the tech they had sent to install everything and how he kept saying he had a steel plate in his head and it was throwing everything off. I thought he was joking, but now I have come to wonder if it wasn't true. The Dish Network guy had been here for the biggest part of the day doing what it took Direct TV about half an hour to do. I remember thinking that if he stays a little while longer we may be able to claim him on our income taxes. Any way.... we now have a great picture on the TV and we had storms come through since Thursday and didn't loose reception. With Dish Network, everytime a dark cloud passed over Houston we lost reception.

Now comes the really great news. We have been dealing with a dial up connection since we left Louisiana in 2003. It wasn't too bad when we first moved back here and lived just outside of town. Our connection speed was around 56000 bps. We tolerated it, but for the past 4 years here on the moutain, we have been fighting with a 24000 bps which is the same as a snail's pace. Hughesnet is making the satellite high speed internet connection more affordable to people that live out in the booneys like we do. We made the arrangement indirectly through Direct TV and The Hughesnet Tech will be here Thursday to hook us up to that. Keep your fingers crossed that a blizzard doesn't blow through here and prevent that from happening. I look forward to being able to visit my blog friends again and leave comments for them. There are a few that have become so graphic intense that my slow dial up connection won't load all of the graphics and then when I try to leave a comment, the comment box won't even load. So if you wonder where I have been and why I haven't left any comments...... Now you know the rest of the story.

The Scioto River winds its way south through Ohio and empties into the Ohio River at Portsmouth. This past weekend Chris and Melody took us to Portsmouth to eat at the Scioto Ribber. It is a little sports bar the sits on Galia Street with dining available. They serve the best Ribs and Steak you could ever think of putting into your mouth. They have been serving up these special meals since 1978. Nothing is cooked ahead and put on the back burner. Your meal is prepared when you order it so there is always a wait, but it is so worth it.

G'pa and Seth before we left. Seth loves his G'pa. The boys stayed with Melody's sister, Mindy while we went to eat.

Of course Riley was busy working as he usually is. There was still snow in the yard and he needed to rearrange it and make room for new snow. From what I understand he and his cousin Calley tried to pull a few fast ones on Aunt Mindy while she was there, but it didn't work. He is so much like his Dad it isn't funny.

Melody displayed the menu for me to take a picture of it.

There were so many combinations and portion sizes that we left the ordering up to Chris and Melody. They did a great job. We all left 'full as ticks ready to bust' and even had left overs to carry home for Chris to take to work the next day for his lunch.

This is one of the 7 or 8 smokers that they keep going to cook all of that wonderful food in.

From the marks on the wall I am guessing that they are about due for another load of firewood.
We had a wonderful day with Chris and Melody. All that was missing was Tersie. She wasn't able to go with us because that flu bug had bitten her and she was home trying to sleep her way through it.
Speaking of the flu bug...... It finally caught up with JD Sunday night. I fixed fried chicken for supper last night and really had a problem eating it. I just felt quilty that I was eating good stuff and he wasn't able to. This morning, he said he slept good last night, so let's hope that he is on his way to feeling better too.
Wishing everyone a Blessed Day.


Lynne said...

I love the dogs and cat naps question.

Yay on great TV reception! And hopefully you'll have your high speed internet soon.

That restaurant sounds so delicious! I love good ribs and steaks.

Hope JD is feeling better soon!

Tammy said...

I hope all goes well with your new internet connection. I have high speed but still have trouble with some graphic dense sites. I sometimes have to switch over to Firefox browser in order to see them.

Both the Scioto River and the Olentangy River go through this area...maybe I'll just ride a raft down your way some day when I get hungry for some ribs...there aren't any real good ones up here...boo!

Have a great day and JD...get well quick!

Diane J. said...

Dang Blogger just ate my looong comment! Drat it! ;-)

Congrats on getting better TV service and internet. We have cable and it's okay, and we have DSL through our phone line. It could be a little faster but we can't afford the next tier. I'm content with them for now.

Those grandbabies are precious. Mine is on the way here now.

Boy, your ribs and fried chicken are making me hungry! I still need to figure out what's for supper tonight.

Hope JD and Tersie feel better soon. None of those bugs that are making the rounds are any fun at all.

Have a great evening, Jo. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Mountain Mama said...

Your frog is cute and your grandkids are just precious.
I love hearing the things kids say.
Your dinner out sounds delicious.
I've been eating soup a lot so anything other than that really sounds delightful!

Julie said...

Audible aaaaw, about dogs taking cat naps. That's too cute.

julia said...

There's so much i love about this post--i love the stuff kids say, and that is an EXcellent question, showing some great logical skills there! (AND too darn cute.)

Smokers and bbq?? MMMMMMMmmmm...And it was good to see some of my adopted family. :-)