Sunday, February 10, 2008

Memories Are Made Of This

Yesterday was a wonderful day here on the mountain. It always is when family comes to visit. T-Bear has been to have her hair styled since we saw her last and the new 'do' fits her perfectly. Britt had hers done too, but was wearing it up freestyle, so we couldn't see the 'new do'. These children are growing up way too fast.

Later in the evening, I found myself thinking that after this year, Britt will be graduating from high school. It seemd like only yesterday we were watching Barney on the VCR and shaking our tail feathers as we sang and danced along with him. We played choo choo with the port-a-crib. She would stand in the crib while G'ma pulled it through the house making choo choo sounds. Oh how she laughed and clapped her hands. That's what it was all about, putting a smile on her face and laughter on her lips. T-Bear is doing her share of growing up as well. She is coming into her own special personality that they all seem to develope as preteens. She is going to be just as witty and wonderful as her Mama and sister are. T-Bear lived through her toddler years without me because I was in Louisiana at that time. I remember when G'pa was ready to retire and had decided that he wanted to move to Ohio. We called the kids to let them know our plans. T-Bear got on the phone and said, "Oh, Bammaw, I am so glad that you are moving back to America!" Then there was the time she mis-quoted G'pa. One of his favorite sayings is, "You are sweeter than snuff, but not near as dusty!" Shortly after retiring the girls came to spend the evening with us and when their Mommy came to get them, T-Bear told her that G'pa had told her that she was 'Sweeter than stuff and her ears were dusty!' Such sweet memories to cherish. God certainly blessed us with the family we have.

They followed my directions to get them here the back way through Amish country. The last time they came that way Tersie missed one of the turns and discovered the Amish bakery, 'The Country Crust'. Well, this trip she didn't even have to miss her turn because the car knows where the bakery is. While we were waiting for the chicken and dumplings to finish cooking she shared the cinnamin bread and wheat bread that she bought. Mmmmmmm ....... There are few things that tastes better than homemade bread.

Yes, yesterday was indeed a 'Good Day'.
Thank you girls for wanting to spend it with us!
We love you ............ :-)


Lynne said...

Jo, enjoy the time with the girls. They grow up so fast. I can't believe that Shelby is going to graduate high school in a couple of months. I still remember sitting in a chair with her, giving her the 2 am bottles. Taking her to the petting zoo. Seeing how proud she was in kindergarten because now she was a "school kid." The time goes so fast.

David Crofts Munro said...

Homemade bread.


Why is it I always leave this blog happy...and hungry!?

Theresa said...

I second the happy and hungry comment. I'm coming back to Amish country for a visit soon. I can't wait to eat some local goodies.

jle said...

"Oh, Bammaw, I am so glad that you are moving back to America!" THAT is brilliant!! love it!

Reading your blog leaves ME wishing i was part of the family! ;-)