Thursday, February 7, 2008

Off And Running....

I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement while I was down with this nasty bug. Wouldn't you just know that the days when I was sick the weather was warm, although rainy and now it has turned cold again. I am feeling much better now though, but just a bit overwhelmed.
There was a time when I had four personal web sites that I designed and kept in operation. They were all located at Geocities and then the "Yahoo" happened. Shortly after their merging, one of my sites was eaten up over night and just disappeared. In fear of it happening to the other sites that I had spent so much time creating, I proceeded to move them else where. One thing led to another; JD retired, we moved to the mountain and dialup became the norm as opposed to high speed. Needless to say, my sites have been hanging out there in limbo.
Yesterday, I thought I would take a quick look at the one site that I hadn't gotten around to moving. It is a site that was and is very near and dear to my heart. It deals with Family Violence and Abuse. Fortunately it is still there at "Yahoo!Geocities" but there were a few links that were broken and some e-mail addresses that needed updating, so I set about tweaking. Low and behold................. All of a sudden I wasn't able to access the site after just a short time doing work to it. I was told to click a link if I was the site owner. Upon doing so I was informed that I had used my allowable time on the site. How ever if I wanted more time, I could have it if I purchased my space on "Yahoo!Geocities". They call it free spaces, but when you really take a long hard look at it, very little is free any more. Where Geocities is concerned, once they merged with Yahoo it was a downhill slide for all connected to them. Ohhhh wellllll !!! Not worth stressing over.
The web site of yesterday is becoming a thing of the past any way. With Blogging being the present wave, I have decided that what I need to do is move everything from the site to a blog. Which is what I am going to be doing as time allows me. You can check out the progress if you like by going to Childhood Stolen . The content has been contributed by victims of Family Violence and Abuse. Right now all that is there is a heart felt poem on the blog, but as time goes on and the stories, poems and artwork are moved to the blog it may be more than some people can handle. You will be your own best judge of that.
I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I take on the task of bringing this information to blog form where it will hopefully be there for someone to reach out and grab hold of in their time of need.
God Bless.........


jle said...

What an undertaking, moving all your sites. Yikes! i had a peek at the Childhood Stolen site, and yup, don't know that i'll be able to go there myself with anything more than what's on there now! But it will be good for people to be able to find some support--

smilnsigh said...

Much luck with all this work. I applaud you for having the guts to do this web site thing. I never did. Mailing Lists and blogging are all I ever was brave enough for.