Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Frozen Rain Drops

We had a blast of cold winter weather come back through our neck of the woods yesterday and the night before. As a result, I figured the best thing to fix for dinner would be a BIG pot of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Next to Veggie Soup that is the best remedy to ward off the cold that I know of. While I was waiting for the final 10 minutes of cooking time to add the remaining ingredients, we received a call from our adopted daughter, Amy. A few months ago she packed up and moved off to western Kentucky. The call was to let us know that the storm that was coming our way is a bad one and if we will be in need of anything in the next few days we had better get to the store to get it. She said it was already going through where she was and it was a nasty winter storm. She was pretty certain that if it still carried the punch that it had there, we wouldn't be leaving the mountain for a day or two. It doesn't matter how far away Amy moves, she will still call to check on us like she always has. In the winter time it is to see if we are staying warm or to tell us there is a level warning for the roads. In the summer time it is to make sure we are not overheating and to be sure that Papa isn't outside overdoing things like he has a tendency to do. She is a sweetheart and we do appreciate her.

We have had major issues with Dish Network for the past year over reception. After repeated phone calls and no satisfaction to resolving the problem we are switching to Direct TV. Our contract with Dish Network is up this month, so Friday I thought I would arrange to get Direct TV up here to hook us up to their equipment. I have been counting down the days. Well today is the day and if they don't cancel on us, I will sure be surprised. They announced that area schools will be closed today. So the snow plow won't be in a big hurry to come driving through the back roads and up the mountains today.

On that note I will leave you with a couple of pictures of our over night snow fall. We are supposed to get quite a mix of winter stuff all day today.

I stepped outside just long enough to snap these and decided the rocking chair next to the wood stove and a cup of coffee were calling my name.

Everyone that is in the path of this storm stay warm, but enjoy the beauty of it.

Wishing you a Blessed Day.



Lynne said...

Stay warm! Your Amy sounds like such a caring person to always check on you like that.

smilnsigh said...

That is so sweet of Amy, to check up on you!

Hope this storm is not too bad. And I certainly hope the Direct TV guys make it up, and you get all hooked up.

Hunker down on your mountain and stay safe and warm. But do check back in with us tomorrow, so we know all is ok. Please do, that is. I do get to sounding awfully *bossy* don't I? Yes, I know I do. ,-)


violetlady said...

I wish I were up on that mountain being snowed in. Here in Delaware we have so little snow by the beach. Stay warm and safe.

Diane J. said...

It's cold and nasty here too. Last night we had severe thunderstorms with lightning and thunder and sleet and freezing rain! Right now we have freezing rain and it's 30F. I can see some icicles hanging from our clothesline and the cypress tree in the back yard but so far it's not too thick. We still have power, thank God!

Stay warm and safe, Jo. That gumbo sounds yummy! Wish I had a big bowl of it about now. Not sure what we're having for supper yet.



J.D. Scorpio said...

Hello girls: and guy's if there is any reading this note.
JD here, I just wanted to let you know that that GUMBO, is ginuine Cajun Gumbo... And you can bet thar the rest of it is in the freezer, it gets better with time if it's kept frozen... Jo learned to make it from 100% cajuns while we were in Louisiana. If someone trys to sell you some Gumbo anywhere other than Louisiana, don't believe it...
And yes,Amy is a Jewel. I hope all of you have a great day....... JD

Julie said...

Snow day here. I'm making a big pot of chicken soup! Your gumbo sounds delicious though!

jle said...

HellOOO...share the recipe!! Sounds too good! i've never had real live cajun anything! ;-) Would it cure my cold and flu??