Saturday, February 9, 2008


In my dictionary, TGIF doesn't mean Thank God It's Friday because the week is over. It means Thank God It's Friday because it is also Seth Day!

It is days like this that I am glad that my health is good enough to be able to offer my Fridays to care for little Seth. It will always amaze me how fast time passes with these little ones. Just Thursday Melody told me Seth was crawling very well now. (Keep in mind that this is in just a weeks time.) She also told me that if he is on the carpet he doesn't venture past it.

Well, guess what the little man did yesterday!! You got it..... ventured right past the carpet onto the hard wood and found something of interest along the way.

WOW!!! Tools of the trade G'ma...... It looks as if he has inherited big brother Riley's facination with tools and sweepers. Trust me once he had roamed this far from the carpet, it took no coaxing to tempt him into other areas of the house. He kicked that crawling up to high gear and went cruising into the dining room and then to the bedroom/bathroom hallway, grinning all the way. The grin was what tickled me. He was so pleased with himself.

G'pa caught these pictures of Seth on the camera, but then had errands and chores to tend to yesterday so he didn't get to spend much time with us. When he cleared his agenda and came back, Seth was thrilled to see him.

Riley had a big day yesterday too. It was his first visit to the dentist. Before he left he told us he was going to the dentist to get some braces. One of his older friends has braces and he is facinated with them right now. To a 4 1/2 year old, anything that is shiney is GREAT! I am sure that one talk to his Dad about braces would put them in the right perspective. Poor Chris really suffered with his. Any way the dentist told Riley he has no cavities and that he has good looking teeth, did the flouride treatment and all went well. He and his Mama stopped by the house on the way to Riley's appointment so he could freshen his mouth with another tooth brushing. Riley told me that when they were finished at the dentist office he and his mom were going on a date and he got to choose where they would go..... I asked where they were going and he couldn't remember the name of the restaurant, but it was the one that has nuts. (Dakota's) I am so glad that his first appointment with the dentist was a good experience.

Today Tersie, Britt and T-Bear are coming to the mountain to visit. I just have to cook on special occassions and that is what this is. We just don't get to see any of the girls (Oop included) nearly as much as we would like to. Time available is split in half when there is divorce. Add to that equation the fact that these girls are now preteen and teens with a social life and obligations to their activities, and time available is split again. So any time we can spend with them is greatly appreciated, loved and jumped at. I am fixing Britt's favorite meal: Chicken and Dumplings, biscuits, coleslaw, and the healthy recipe cheesecake for desert. I need to get this meal started and on that note I will end today's post.

Have a wonderful blessed day..................


Tersie said...

Love you! :)

smilnsigh said...

Oh what a cutie! But also, Oh the headaches which come with crawling. Yes, I know. My bad. :-))) They are so proud of themselves.

Very glad the first trip to the dentist was great.

All in all, it must have been a great day at your house. Wonderful.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Untill now I've always sayd that for me it is too early for grandkids. Now I am not sure any more.....:-)

Diane J. said...

I have Emmy corralled in her playpen right now so I can take a break! She's crawling, pulling up and into everything now. You can't turn your back on her for a second or she's into something or has something forbidden in her mouth.

Hope you enjoy your time with the grands and kids today. Your meal sounds delicious! I'm not sure what Sunday Dinner will be yet, but tonight it's Texas Hash Casserole that I'm taking to my church's Valentine's banquet.



PEA said...

Little Seth is such a darling and how true it is that they seem to learn how to crawl and walk practically overnight! Once they get the hang of it there's no stopping them...then you wish they'd never started! lol Love to hear of the fun times you have with your grandkids:-) Wonderful that Riley had such a great first dentist appointment...cute how he wanted braces! hehe Both my sons had braces and I remember how much pain they were in every time they had to get them tightened. Chicken & dumplings...haven't had that in years so I'm comin' right over!! lol xox

Peggy said...

I just love grandbabies! They are such a joy to spoil and then send home. LOL Yours is a cutie! Hope your weekend has been a fantastic one.

Mary said...


The photos of your grandson are delightful. Yes, they do grow up fast. Mine are 10 and 12 now and it seems just yesterday that they were babes in arms.

Glad your family is coming. Have a great time. Your dinner sounds delicious.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my Easter giveaway.


jle said...

Yum! i want to come home to a lovely meal like that!!

It's so great you can enjoy all the grandkids--my favorite thing in the world was always getting to go hang out at Grandma's and be spoiled. ;-)

Tammy said...

What a cutie patootie he is!!

Brittany~Paige said...

Yummy. Tanky for the chicken and the dumplings :) Love you.