Friday, February 29, 2008

Today May Be The Day

According to the weather report we are to have quite a mix of weather today. First of all the temperature is actually supposed to climb to above freezing by days end. I don't think I will pack away these winter clothes yet though. By day break we should see some snow (what a rare sight that will be), followed by sleet around lunch time and ending with rain. The rain should wipe out much of this white ground cover that we have been looking at for weeks now. I really and truly do think snow is a beautiful sight to behold. My personal preference though, is that it melts before the next snow and not keep stacking on top of itself, one snow after the other. I am looking forward to seeing the yard without snow for a change. The temps are supposed to be in the 40s and maybe even a 50 thrown in for good measure. Perhaps I will get spring fever and do some serious cleaning, but then again maybe not.
These poor kids have already used so many Calamity Days (used to be called Snow Days) this year that they are going to have a time making them up. I heard on the news the other night that some school districts are opting to make up these days by extending the school day hours rather than extending the calendar date for the last day of school or attending school on Saturdays. It seems to me that such a plan would pretty much add quite a bit of stress to the lives of these children. By the time they would get home and do their homework, eat dinner, and bathe, it would be time to go to bed. Children need down time and some relaxation the same as adults do. That is just my opinion, which I am sure every school district in the state will be taking into consideration...... lol
We had Seth Day a day early this week. His sitter had a doctor's appointment so we made the trip to town yesterday instead of today. He will be walking in no time. Every week it is something new. This week he is pulling up to people and things with no problem what so ever. He is understanding the concept of the words "No No". At the very utterance of the "No No", he stops what he is doing and moves on to other things. Britt was very much like that when she was little. The main difference being that she corrected herself. She loved shiny knobs and buttons. When she just couldn't contain her urges to touch any longer, that little hand would reach for the forbidden item and then you would see her hand would hesitate. That is when you would hear her say "No No Baby!" The extended hand would fall to her side and off she would go to discover other things and correct herself some more. It was a riot watching that one.
Have a blessed day.

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Diane J. said...

We're supposed to have rain today and be in the 60's through Monday, then possibly snow or a mix Monday night. Weird, strange weather! This entire Winter has been strange.

Emmy knows what "no no" means too. Most of the time she obeys, but not always. She's at the same stage as your Seth. I can't believe she's not already walking, but it shouldn't be long now.

Have a great Friday, Jo, and enjoy your weekend.

Love and hugs,