Saturday, June 21, 2008


Whispered Secrets by Betsy Cameron
Whispered Secrets

As I was starting to fix supper last night the phone rang. J.D. handed it over to me and it was Tersie on the other end. She just simply said, "Please tell me to go home." There was something in her voice that told me something is very wrong. Still I tried a wee bit of humor just in case I was reading something into her voice that wasn't there (I have been known to do that). So I replied, "OK, go home." The silence on the other end told me that I had not been wrong about the trouble I sensed. I then started my questioning of what was wrong and where is she. I could feel her fear as she told her story. It seems that she was on her way home from work traveling her usual route, a four lane road with a turn lane to separate them. She was in the process of passing an SUV when she noticed a car zig~zagging between the two south bound lanes going north and coming straight toward her and the SUV. It seems the SUV was as puzzled as Tersie was and didn't know what to do, because every time Tersie slowed to drop behind it, the driver of the SUV slowed as well. Almost at the last minute the north bound car got back into it's proper lanes. The closest place to get off after that was the entrance to a state forest. There is a lookout point there and that is where Tersie stopped. She said she had been setting there shaking and crying for a little while and just couldn't bring herself to start the car up and continue home.

Of course I showered her with my motherly concern and then with my all knowing wisdom. I told her that I thought she could feel pretty certain that the rest of her trip home should be a safe one. To my way of thinking if yesterday had been her day to die, it would have happened due to a north bound car traveling in a south bound lane. Just from personal experience I believe that what she had just experienced was indeed a wake up call of some sort. So many times God whispers in my ear and I hear him, but keep on keeping on. Then He whispers again and He gets the same response from me. Eventually He takes the only path that is sure to work and takes me by the shoulders and looks me in the eyes and says"Read my Lips!" With that I open my eyes and my mind and things start to click in place. Which always ends with me saying,"Ohhh yeah, that was the message."

Tersie continued her journey and arrived home safely. I hope that she will see what happened as a wake up call to what ever it is that she needs to give more thought and action to. I'm sure she will.

J.D. has been busy as a beaver cutting and stacking firewood for next winter. He has quite a bit put up..... Shhhhh don't tell him, but when he wasn't looking I took a little peek. He is indeed the modern day mountain man. He works so hard around here and is proud of all that he does, as well he should be. I am just as proud of what he has accomplished and continues to do here. I am glad that we have the home that we do. It isn't unusual for him to work outside with something physical all day and then come in, shower, have supper and offer to do the dishes if I have had a bad fibro day. I have heard of so many men that retire and have nothing physical to challenge them and after working so hard to earn that retirement they die shortly after retiring. I give thanks every day for this wonderful man that I married.

We made a trip to our neighborly Amish store today. It is only about 10 miles from us. I got the fixins for a salad, tomatoes included and string beans and new potatoes to fix for Sunday dinner. I love their produce and the lunch meats that they have. The line for the lunch meat and cheese counter was a mile long and I just didn't want to stand in a long line today. Besides, who needs lunch meat when you have big red juicy tomatoes. Guess what I had for supper....!! It wouldn't take a lot for me to become a vegetarian. Hope everyone that has been needing rain is getting some of that much needed moisture. We are starting to get some of the rain we were promised for today. I won't complain that it is too much when there are those without. Have a great rest of the weekend.


Mike Golch said...

Jo,I kinda wondre what is going on in the heads of drivers now a days,If that was deliberate that that fool was probly planning on susicide.than finally changed their mind.I'm glad that your friend is OK.
I had some damn fool use the center grass area to make a U-turn,pulling out in front of me.I almost hit that fool.It took me a long time to calm down,I even had an asthma attack.I was rolling along at 65 mph.

Diane J. said...

I believe in wake up calls too. I'm glad Tersie is okay. I'd have been scared spitless too!

We desperately need some rain here. It's rained all around us but we've missed out. We have a good chance of rain tomorrow and I'll be thankful for whatever the good Lord sees fit to send.

Have a blessed Sunday, Jo.

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

I am also so thankful Tersie is ok, Jo. There are some real lunatics on the roads out there, but I agree that I see these things as wake up calls. I also think it is great that you were the one she called immediately too.

We have enough rain around here. There was a huge storm last night, and I think the whole village was awake at 1.30am when it broke right over us. I have never in my life heard such thunder. I lay in bed thinking that if this is anything like how God sounds when he is angry, we have every reason on earth to be alarmed. Again, it was a wake up call for me. Some things just happen to make us stop and take stock and make changes.

There are so many beautiful posts this weekend which talk about amazing marriages, and how valued husbands and wives are. It is wonderful to read, and brings such joy to my heart.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Connie said...

i read where your weather wasn't the best lately. It's been sunny and rainy both here every day. Very different.
Jo, i love your blog set up ..... it is so cute and organized! Do you do your own banners? I know you are talented, but wow, these sure are cute.
My fav. is the one previous with tape on the sides.
Where did you learn how to do all this? I love it!

oldcrow61 said...

That was a scary incident with Tersie. Glad every thing was okay. Like JD, my partner is chopping and stacking wood for the winter as well.

PEA said...

Oh Jo, what a terrifying time for Tersie but thank goodness she was able to call you and hear your voice, telling her she would be fine. I had a very similar experience on the highway when I was traveling and had to stop on the side of the road, I was shaking too much to drive for a while. Like you, I also think it's a wake up think how close we came to being badly hurt or killed...well, something close like that doesn't happen for no reason! Glad she made it safely home. xoxo

judypatooote said...

Wow, she sure was blessed.... we had so many accidents here in Toledo over Christmas where the car was going down the wrong way on the drunk driver killed a family of 5 the wife and her 4 children....on Christmas makes you realize that when it's your time, it's your's out of our hands....I'm happy to hear that Tersie is safe....hopefully she has stopped shaking....

I don't know which Amish store you go to , but I love to go to the Bulk food store down there... I don't remember which town it is in, but it's long and looks like a lot of different building stuck together....I would love to meet you for lunch sometime when I get down there....Have to go again to pick up somemore flax seed for my neck packs....I have a craft show in Nov. and it will be here before I know it..... judy

Steven and Aisha said...

I believe God really protected Tersie. That was really scary! I'm so glad she is fine! You telling her to come home was an encouragement for her, I think it made her brave to continue driving again. :) Amazing!

That's really good about JD. I always tell my mom to stop working so hard and she told me she will die easily if she's not doing anything. I thought she was exaggerating but I think it's really true. There are many people after they retire just stop working. I think life still goes on and I think you and JD are living the most out of it. :)

Prixie said...

thank God she is ok....

Peggy said...

Had the same thing happen to me one night several years ago. Scared me real bad. Turns out it was a older gentleman that got confused and came up the wrong way to get on the interstate. I decided I don't want to drive at night anymore. At least in the day I can see lots better.
I love visiting your blog! Hope you have a awesome week!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Jo, thanks for sharing your story about your friend Tersie.. that would be a scary situation for anyone...I would love to live near the Amish store and buy fresh produce..

Your new design for your blog is very and I love the color blue..I love your header and background..thanks for your visit to my place today. Baba

Connie said...

Jo- your new blog is outstanding. I love your ideas, colors, and words. I have always wanted to ask you if you had any art training ? It certainly looks like it. The other questions was about your graphics ? They are so cute. I have searched for some, bur never find the cute ons I am looking for.
On the blog about fathers, I so love the one that is faded out and a father and son are holding hands. It gives me chills to see it. I love it!!!
You are very talented.

farmlady said...

I'm so glad that Tersie is all right. That's a really scary thing. Makes you think about "what if's" and God's presents in your life, and "luck", and the whole scheme of things.

I work on acceptance of good and bad, because I know that life will, sooner or later, give us both to deal with.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I'm glad Tersie was kept safe!

I know what you mean about the lines in an Amish store, the one time I went to a local one it was so long I gave up...LOL!
I need to go get some good vanilla though as Amanda is making noises like she wants some homemade icecream for the forth!

Tell JD not to work so hard ;)

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a scary story.
Thank God she is okay.