Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Wrap Up

This has been a relatively good day. I would say that I am finished with my little tweaks, changes and touches to 'Moodscapes'. I owe a great big "Thank You" to Tammy at 'Honest To Ya~Ya' for stepping in and giving me the guidance and links that I needed to get the job done. Thank You Tammy for the helping hand.

It seems as if this is good news Friday. I know that many of you are visiters to 'Second Time Around'. Hope has been going through a really rough time of it and has been away from her computer and blogging for quite some time now. When I saw on my reader today that she had posted, I wasted no time dropping by to welcome her back. I just wanted to share this with those that don't use the reader.

Now one last thing for today...... I have been looking for a song to add to my play list and can not for the life of me remember the name of the song or the artist that sang it. Now are you ready?.............This is what I remember of the the song it tells about a couple that went through the years together and she died before him. It tells about their plan to meet with each other, but when he reached their meeting place she wasn't there. Instead there was a note asking him to wait for her, she will meet him when her chores are through. Can anyone with a memory better than mine recall the name of the song and artist? I will certainly be grateful for anyone passing on that info.

Well that's it for now folks. Wishing you all a blessed weekend.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Aww shuck Jo! Thanks for the linky love, you are a peach!
You did a mighty fine job on this blog! It is bee-utiful!

I'm so glad to hear that Hope is back and will hot foot it on over there! Thanks for the heads up!

I wish Hubby was home he would know that song. I've heard of it, if I think of it I'll be back!☺

Tracy said...

Hi Jo great site! Love how it has turned out. :)

I found the song for you i think you are talking about. It is called "Love Me" by Collin Raye

I think, here are the lyrics.

Hugs! I hope you have a blessed weekend.

Collin Raye "Love Me"

I read a note my grandma wrote back in nineteen twenty-three.
Grandpa kept it in his coat, and he showed it once to me. He said,
"Boy, you might not understand, but a long, long time ago,
Grandma's daddy didn't like me none, but I loved your Grandma so."

We had this crazy plan to meet and run away together.
Get married in the first town we came to, and live forever.
But nailed to the tree where we were supposed to meet, instead
Of her, I found this letter, and this is what it said:

If you get there before I do, don't give up on me.
I'll meet you when my chores are through;
I don't know how long I'll be.
But I'm not gonna let you down, darling wait and see.
And between now and then, till I see you again,
I'll be loving you. Love, me.

I read those words just hours before my Grandma passed away,
In the doorway of a church where me and Grandpa stopped to pray.
I know I'd never seen him cry in all my fifteen years;
But as he said these words to her, his eyes filled up with tears.

If you get there before I do, don't give up on me.
I'll meet you when my chores are through;
I don't know how long I'll be.
But I'm not gonna let you down, darling wait and see.
And between now and then, till I see you again,
I'll be loving you. Love, me.
Between now and then, till I see you again,
I'll be loving you. Love, me.

Steven and Aisha said...

Hi Jo! Glad you got everything work out for Moonscapes! I love the new design! :) I do not know the song. I found the one Tracy found, is that the one?

Betty said...

Can't help you out on the song, Jo, sorry. I like your new blog name and header. What did you do about your old blog? Were you able to transfer all your previous posts, graphics, etc. over to the new blog?

I was so excited to see a post from Hope. She has been gone way too long to suit me. I can truthfully say I have really missed her.

Have a good weekend.

Jo said...

Tracy you are wonderful! That is the song I was talking about... Now all I have to do is see if it is available for My Play List. Thank you so very very much!

Thanks to all for the sweet comments on the new Blog Look and Name.

Betty, I kept the same blog address ( all I did was went into settings and changed the name. That way I didn't have to transfer anything from the old blog to the new one.
And yes it is so good to have Hope back. I'm like an old mother hen... I like to keep all of my chicks in a row and if one falls off to the side I keep fretting over it until it is back in line.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Diane J. said...

Hi, Jo. I do like the changes you've made, especially your header! It's very neat and even professional-looking.

I saw on my Bloglines where Hope has a new post up, but you come before her in my list, so I'll be headed over there after I visit with you a bit.

I'm glad somebody helped you out with the song title and artist. I know the song too but it was escaping me until I saw Tracy's comment.

Hope y'all have a great weekend too! :o)

Love and hugs,


PEA said...

Oh Jo, I just love your new look, it's just wonderful!! The header is gorgeous, did you make it yourself? Lovely!!! Glad to see that someone was able to help you with the song...I had no idea which one it was so I would have been no help! lol I did see that Hope has posted so I'm on my way there now:-) xoxo

Linds said...

I love the new look, Jo! It suits you beautifully.
Glad you found the song...

Have a great weekend!

Steven and Aisha said...

I jo, I plan on featuring friends on my blog about their blog. Would you like to join? I just have some qs that would like you to answer. Please leave me a message in my blog if you're up to it.

Jo said...

You know if you all keep on my head will be swelled up so much that JD will have to make the doors wider just to get my head through

In answer to your question Pea, I did make the header myself. I think I need to do a post about my life and my artwork........ There is no way that I can mention it in a comment. My writing is about like my cooking. I never have learned how to cook for two. Never learned how to say what is in my mind in a minimum of words

You are all special to me.