Friday, June 13, 2008

Flag Day

Tomorrow is Flag Day, so don't forget to proudly display your flag.

I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind early this morning when I first sat down to write my post for today. I had my graphics all selected and when I clicked on the little magic button to add them to the post nothing happened. I had lost my connection and it just wouldn't link up with the satellite. I figured it was due to the new line of storms that are moving into the area. I kept trying though. If I am anything, I am definitely stubborn. About 4 this afternoon I gave up and finally called tech support to see if they could help. I hate to call tech support for anything because I somehow always end up with someone on the other end with an accent so thick I can not understand what they are saying. They told me to type this and do that and pull up this thing-a-ma-jig and close that wotcha-ma-cal-lit. Now I sure hope I didn't make anyone feel computer challenged with that display of technical jargon. I really wasn't trying to show off. Before I knew it I had a connection again. Any way, getting back to what I was saying..... Since that vast interruption in my train of thought early this morning, most of what I wanted to say has completely left my mind.


We have a new neighbor that I encourage you to visit. Every once in a while I just sort of stumble upon a blog and have no recollection of how I found it. That is the case with 'Gifting Each Day' . What drew me to Reva's blog in the first place was the post about her English Bulldog that had swallowed a fishing hook. I read that one post and was hooked. I promptly added her to my reader and have been visiting her since. Reva has such a wonderfully warm and open way of writing her posts, it feels like I am reading a letter from family. Be sure to leave her a comment and tell her Jo sent you.

Now I am going to ask for your opinion, because I value what you all have to say. I recently visited a blog and noticed that it had 'Bits and Pieces listed on the blog roll. I thought that is strange because this was a blog that I wasn't familiar with. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link and it took me to a blog titled 'Bit and Pieces'. I checked the date of the blog on the profile page and that blog has been around since '05. I didn't think blogger would allow more than one Title of a certain name like they don't allow duplicate user names, etc. At any rate I am seriously thinking of changing the name of my blog. When I first started blogging my blog was titled 'Moodscapes' . If I decide to change the Title I will be going back to that one. So what do you think?


I have rambled on enough for one post.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.


Mike Golch said...

This is a great posting.Thank you for the Great message. and no you do not ramble too much,I always enjoy my visit here.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
one more thing just because I can I'll be publishing my comments via the blogger site or the wordpress site just because I can.

Tracy said...

I think Moodscapes is an awesome blog name. I love Bits and pieces to, although like you i do not think i would like knowing someone else has the same blogger name.

Thanks for the reminder about tomorrow!

Hope your weekend is a blessed one!

Diane J. said...

I found Reva through her sister Brenda @ It's All Good. She's blog buddy now. :o)

It's my understanding that Blogger won't allow more than one blog with the same URL (, for example) but there is no limit on how many time a blog TITLE can be used (Diane's Place, for example). I know there's more than one blog with the same title I use, but I think I've been around longer.

I don't see a problem with you changing your blog title as long as you let people know what you're doing. You wouldn't have to change your URL, just the blog title.

Hope you have a good weekend, Jo. :o)

Love and hugs,


farmlady said...

I'd miss "Bits and Pieces", but Diane is right and "Moonscapes" is nice.Also I think a good one for you would be "A Gift Each Day" or "Life's Blessings". (Or something similar). They fit you.

Steven and Aisha said...

Oh yeah, I came across that blog too, Jo, I thought it was yours because I was trying to link up with you. I was suprise to see it was from a different blogger. I used google that time.I am okay if you change your title Moodscapes. Sound good to me. What does it mean?

The tech support are usually from a the Philippines or India. Lol! That's why you get heavy accent. :D

Juli said...

Wonderful blogs ! and I love the pre-raphaelites

Artsy Etc. said...

Great message and posting. Thank you for reminding me to put out my flag!
Have a good weekend.