Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Week In Review

While Greg was here we went shopping and bought a new rock for me to wash clothes with. It was a difficult choice, but I finally found just the right rock for laundry purposes. Just joking of course. We did go washer shopping though. I basically knew what I wanted before we even got there. As luck would have it, we got one of those sales persons that is as aggravating as a mosquito that you want to swat at and say "Shoooo". All that I wanted just a simple washer, without all of the bells and whistles that many washers come with now. Nothing would do this little guy than to try to sell us a front loading brand spanking new washer that does every thing but fold your clothes for you. I think the matching dryer does that. After the message sank into his thick little head that he wasn't going to sell us the top of the line washer on the show room floor, it didn't take long to get the transaction completed, the washer loaded on the truck and we were on our way home.

" J.D. and Greg"
Greg decided he would head back to Texas on Thursday. He had watched the Weather Channel to see where it was supposed to rain so he could plan his trip home to avoid the bad weather. According to the Weather Channel all of the rain was coming up out of the south. There was a pocket of clear weather to the west that he could travel through, which would take him into Oklahoma and then south to home. He called us Thursday evening from Evansville, Indiana where he had stopped for the night. He was rained on all the way and decided it best to just get off the road and hopefully the bad weather would pass over the night, which it did. He made it safely home to Texas. It was wonderful having Greg here. We hated to see him leave.

I got started in the big flower garden. This one is quite a chore, cleaning up the dead stuff, pulling weeds and putting down new mulch. We lost our cherry tree do to the harsh weather this past winter. I can not tell a lie....... 'I chopped down the cherry tree.'

This garden always looks a little ragged until things really get to growing. We are still having temperatures over night in the 40s so it will be a while before things really take off and start growing. This is what I have left to do in this garden.

This is the part of the garden that I have finished.

It will be a nice little oasis when I get it finished. Then I will only have two more established gardens to work on, but they are small and shouldn't need a lot done to them. The biggest chore ahead is to decide where I am going to put a small vegetable garden and get that started. I think it is in our best interest to grow some of these vegetables ourselves. When I picked up a loaf of bread the other day at the store and saw the price for it was $2.29 it made me sick. I gathered up the ingredients that I need and will be baking our bread myself and it should end up only costing us only a fraction of what it cost at the store. A gallon of milk is running neck and neck with the cost of a gallon of gas. Perhaps the next thing we need to purchase is a goat or a milk cow. It would have to be cheaper than buying the milk at the store.

The kids have planned my Mother's Day celebration for today. I am looking forward to being together with all of our "Yankee children and grandchildren".

Until tomorrow..... ~Jo


MYSTI said...

I love your garden! Looks very much like an oasis. Glad Greg got home safe and sound, I am sorry he ended up being rained on even after trying to avoid it.

I was thinking the same about making our own bread. I ended up asking my eldest son, who goes through milk like it is water, to limit himself in his drinking of it and to drink more water instead. Kinda sad when you have to tell your kids not to drink so much milk!

I hope you enjoy your celebration with your family!

Hugs and blessings.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I would love to see a blog tutorial on this bread making...I've never made any!!

Have a wonderful belated mother's day!!♥

Mike Golch said...

Jo,I'm Glsd that you had a great visit with Greg and that he made it home safely.
I enjoy the garden as well.I hope that you and J.D. are haveing a great weekend.

Jeff B said...

Our temperatures spiked to 100 degrees over the weekend. A full forty degrees warmer than it was at the begining of the week. As a result the garden exploded and things have really taken off.

Looks like you have a beautiful and spacious yard. A couple more sessions of maintenance and it'll be time to grab a glass of iced tea, sit back and enjoy all the hard work.

Diane J. said...

My theory on appliances with lots of electronics and features is that the more gadgets and doo hickeys on them, the more there is to go wrong and need repairs. I have a very basic (read, *cheap*) washer and dryer set and it's all I need.

I hear you on the price of groceries, too! We're just flat doing without some things and cutting back on meat and some other items. It just makes me sick to go grocery shopping any more!

Your flower beds are making my hands itch and my green thumb is tingling! I miss being able to work with my flowers and veggies so much. It sure would help to make ends meet to grow a garden these days! I'm so thankful for friends and family who share the bounty from their gardens with us.

Hope your new week is a great one, Jo! ;o)

Love and hugs,


Aisha said...

That's a really nice garden, Jo. I wish I can do one like yours. I am not into gardening because of earthworms. Those wiggly wormies scare me so much that I fear gardening. LOL! Yes, I know it's crazy. I'm glad my husband is not scared of them. I tried to do gardening, I love the flowers but still can't stand seeing worms.

julia said...

i've been having fun in my gardens too lately--a lot of cleaning out and trimming, and a lot of hoping i didn't trim anything too brutally to survive. ;-) But it felt good to get done!