Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good News Comes On Angel's Wings

I have some good news to share with you. Amy called last night and again this morning. To begin with, other than the day that Dominic squeezed his mama's hand, he has pretty much just laid there. I am not sure of what day it was, but Amy said a woman came (No one knows who she was) and told the family that she was directed to pray over this child and asked for permission from the family to do so. Of course they allowed this, who is going to turn away prayer, although I am sure there are those that would. Before she started her prayer she asked if anyone would object to her praying in tongues. Again the family did not object. Amy said she was so quiet that you could barely hear her and when she was finished she said nothing to anyone there, she just left. Within hours of this unknown woman praying over Dominic things started to change. He has repeatedly squirmed and tried to push away the nurses when they have tried to attend him. He has reached out his arms to his mama. He has opened his eyes and responded to the light by squinting his eyes. The fact that he is doing these things repeatedly is good. Then today, the crucial hour was 3 P.M. That is when the test results on his brain would be back. The tests showed that the swelling has gone down. I attribute his progress to all the prayers that have gone up in Dominic's name and I truly believe that the unknown lady that came to the hospital to pray over Dominic was a guardian angel. Bless each and every one of you for the your gifts of prayer for Dominic. He still has miles to go and will continue to need your prayers to see him safely home.
Thank you again. ~Jo


~enlightenedpsych2~ said...

The collective consciousness employs many spiritual helpers living on this earth disguised as men, women or children, even animals. She was directed to Dominic and has brought hope . . . I knew this was working in the childs favor. We will continue sending the healings ways, your way.

sharing the light and happy May,
Miss Erica Hidvegi, the Enlightenment_Advisor, B.A. Psych/M.A.
Transpersonal Studies- Cnslng/Author, Artist, Photographer,
Entrepreneur & Freelance extraordinaire

Mike Golch said...

Jo,thank you for the update,and most of all Thank You God for hearing our prayers.

And yes i'm doing a little beter.

MYSTI said...

I am so happy to hear Dominic is doing better! Prayer is so very powerful, and i have no doubt that it has helped him to heal and recover. Thanks for letting us know. How awesome it is to know!

Hugs and blessings

Linds said...

Prayer is answered! I am so glad to read the good news! God is good!

Greatfullivin said...

Hi, I am praising God with you for this encouraging news! Thank you so much for stopping by my place and adding my Mother to your prayers. Prayer changes everything!! My mom is doing well and is now home (at my house) Thanks again! Blessings!

Aisha said...

Wow! That is amazing! She is an angel. God is awesome! He does things mysteriously even sending a stranger to pray.