Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wash Day Blues

I got up yesterday morning and decided I would get a couple of loads of clothes washed before Greg arrived. With that bright idea, I sorted the clothes and got one load started and then off I went to make the bed and take my Byetta shot and grab something for breakfast. After a while I meandered my way back to the laundry room to put another load in the washer. As soon as I was within eye shot of the laundry room I stopped in my tracks. The laundry room floor had become a wading pool. It seems that the washers brain had come down with a bad case of senility and forgot to tell the washer when it was full and to stop running water.

After getting that mess mopped up, I thought no problem, I can manually turn the water on and off as it goes through its cycles. Well that didn't work either because it wasn't going to be agitating anything but my mood. I can't really complain though because we bought the washer and dryer used four years ago and paid just a little over $100 for both of them. So I would say we got far more than our money's worth out of it. I can see a new washer is in the future though.

Greg didn't make it in until this morning. Bless his heart, he got turned around in Kentucky and spent a lot more time there than he really wanted to, just trying to get going in the right direction. I know every time we go through Lexington, we usually miss our turn off either coming or going. So we know what he was going through. He ended up just spending the night there and starting out fresh this morning and that worked for him.
Britt and T~Bear are spending the night with us. Tersie had the opportunity to go to a comedy show in Columbus tonight and would be coming in late. Any time we can have these children with us, we jump at the chance. They stayed over with us last month and I had them up and at school well before time. I promised them that I wouldn't make them go to school before sunrise this time ...... lol

We decided on on Mother's Day what the menu would be for dinner tonight . I asked them if they would like Lasagna and T~Bear suggested Ravioli, we added a salad and garlic bread to that and we ended up with a good filling meal. The first batch of garlic bread I home cooked though and had to quickly do up another batch. There is a story in my home cooked meals that deserves a post all to itself.

Everyone has settled in the living room to watch a movie. I am so glad that Greg was able to come visit with us. J.D. has been missing his children and he is loving every minute that Greg is here. I remember how much I missed my children and grandchildren when we were in Louisiana.

I'll be closing this post for the night and will check in again when I can. Until then I wish you many blessings. ~Jo


MYSTI said...

I am so sorry to hear about your washer! That really hurts.

Glad that Greg made it to your place safe and sound, even if he was later then expected.

I hope you all have a wonderful visit! Blessings and hugs.

Mike Golch said...

Haveing a washer go south on you stinks,come to think of it haveing any appliance so south stinks.Glad that Greg made there safe.You Jd and every one else a good day to you all.

Linds said...

Good to hear he arrived safely, but not so good to hear re the misbehaving washing machine! I hope you get it sorted soon! I hate appliances which develop minds of their own.

Hav a great time with your family!

julia said...

When we got our new washer and dryer with the windows on the front, our now-gone Dynamo would sit in front of it and watch it go around. Washers can be fun! Just not broken ones that leave the place afloat...

Aisha said...

Love reading your post, Jo. Sorry about your washer. At least you were able to use it for a while. :)