Saturday, May 10, 2008

I believe In Miracles

I want to thank everyone for their 'Get Well' wishes. I am feeling much better.
I am sure that you are all interested in the latest update on Dominic. The last report that I had was a couple of days ago. Dominic is blind and the Doctors are giving him a 25% chance of regaining his sight. Tests have shown that there is still pockets of swelling in his brain. Perhaps when all of the swelling goes down his vision will return. They did a tracheotomy the other day, which they believe will need to be permanent. The family was told that Dominic will never mentally progress past the age of two. On top of all of this the poor baby is going to spend at the very least a month in the hospital. This family has been given a lot to try to digest all at one time. Please keep little Dominic in your prayers, as well as the family. I will continue to keep you updated as I learn more. There have been cases where doctors have been wrong in their diagnosis. The future looks bleak for Dominic right now, but I believe in miracles and the power of God's healing power and love.
As a tribute to my mother, I wrote a poem for her before the cancer took her away from me. She lived for two months after the cancer moved to her brain. I read this at her memorial service. To celebrate her memory for Mother's Day I would like to share that poem with all of you.

'Jo and Mom'

My Mother's Love


Through the years I came to you,

with hurts of all kinds.

Some were major cuts and wounds,

some almost too small to find.

Still you kissed away the hurt,

for everything,you seemed to have a cure.

My Mother's Love was always there,

to make me feel secure.

When dreams awoke me from sleep,

and filled the night with fear,

My Mother's Love was always there,

to dry my every tear.

You taught me solid values,

what was wrong and right.

When I questioned and faltered,

My Mother's Love was always there,

to be my guiding light.

It didn't go unnoticed,

that many times you went without.

My Mother's Love was always there,

to teach what giving was about.

I admire you beyond words,

your pain has been life long.

My Mother's Love was always there,

showing me how to be strong.

When my heart has been broken,

and I thought it would never mend.

My Mother's Love was always there,

to prove a mother can also be a friend.

Any good that has come from my life,

Any pain I have learned to rise above.

Gentleness and concern I have passed on

I owe it all to....

~ My Mother's Love ~

© 2000 Jo An Riley Dupree


Diane J. said...

Glad you're feeling better, and as you said, doctors have been wrong before. The Great Physician is the one who's in charge of Dominic's prognosis.

What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Jo. My Mama has been gone for 3 years now and I still miss her every day.

Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend!

Love and hugs,


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Poor little Dominic! I pray there is a miracle for him!!

That is a lovely poem!

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!♥

Mike Golch said...

I will continue to keep Doninic in my prayers,That was a great poem and tribut to your Mom.I hope that you have a Great mothers Day.

Linds said...

Thanks for sharing your poem with us - it is beautiful, and shows so clearly how much you loved your Mum.
I will also continue to pray for little Dominic.
Have a very happy Mother's day!

Aisha said...

Oh wow! This is really a beautiful poem, Jo. You are gifted with this talent. I tried writing poems but it's just so bad lol.

Peggy said...

Love your poem. I too lost my mother to cancer. Mother's Day just isn't the same not being able to celebrate with her. Hope you get your tomatoes planted soon! :)