Friday, May 23, 2008

'A Night Of Praise'

Tuesday evening was the end of the year program and preschool graduation for Riley's school. As you can see there was a packed house.

.....And who is that we found in the audience?

Well it is none other than Alley Oop and friend.



I did a clip of one of the songs they sang.

Congratulations Riley!


Connie said...

I miss having young ones in school plays and events. They are so sweet and natural. Everyone is smiling and somehow the cell phones never seem to go off as they do at adult functions.
Enjoy your plays and musicals while you can.

Ky Woman said...

What a beautiful boy child... How proud you must be.
I can't wait till next year to be in the audience for my Hunny Bunny 1's graduation.

Have a blessed day!

Peggy said...

I just love watching the little ones do their programs! They grow up way too fast

julia said...

Had to tell you the puppy, Blue, enjoyed the music the most! cocked his head one way then the other--the other two dogs were too busy staring at the toast i was eating.