Monday, May 12, 2008

Company's Comin'

First of all, I had a very nice Mother's Day yesterday. Chris and Melody were in Kentucky for the weekend with her mother and grandmother. I applaud Melody for wanting to be with them on holidays. Melody's grandma is 90 years old and won't be here for many more years, so she really should be there to celebrate these important times with her. J.D. and I went to town yesterday and had dinner with Tersie and the girls at the China One restaurant. I love Chinese food and the company just made it all the more special. Next Sunday Melody is planning a Mother's Day celebration for me with my children and grandchildren. I know that Melody and Tersie both read my blog and what I am about to say I want them both to know, and that is ->any time that I can spend with my whole family is a celebration for me<- :-) I love each and everyone of you!


Before you read any further please click on my play list. I have two treats for you. First is a Mother's Day song by my favorite Cajun singer Wayne Toups. Next is a song by Arlo Gutherie called the 'Motorcycle Song." I was a big fan of Arlo's music back in the 60's. Hmmmmm ...... are my Hippie roots showing? Can we all say "Baby Boomer"? lol

Now I guess you are wondering what is up with all of this motorcycle stuff. Well our "Rebel" son, Greg will be wheeling in from Texas some time today and I wanted to do things up right for him. Last year he and his mother-in-law rode their bikes up for a visit. Yes, that's right I did say his mother-in-law. Greg, Tammi(our wonderful daughter-in-law) and Sandra all ride motorcycles. Sandra rides a trike that she had converted from a motorcycle (A beautiful machine), She is "The Big Mama" of their biking group..... All 100 pounds of her. Greg is coming by himself this year though. We have that new baby due the end of the month and those two grandma's aren't about to wander this far away being so close to the due date.

I put a roast, carrots and new potatoes in the crock pot early this morning. He stopped last night in the northern part of Alabama. I have worried about him since he started his trip up here. It just isn't safe to travel alone any more no matter if you are a woman or a man. There is just so much evil in the world today. I have lots to do before Greg gets here so this is going to be a short post.

Wishing all a day of blessings.


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

What a cute song...LOL! I've never heard it.

Hubby is thinking of investing in a "scooter" to save gas....

Have a great visit!☺

MYSTI said...

I hope your son arrives safely. The roast sounds yummmy. Thank you for sharing the songs. I loved the Every day is Mothers day song. The motorcycle song was cute. Never heard either. It is always wonderful to hear new songs.


Mike Golch said...

With all due respect to honest to ya ya and mysti,It sounds that the both of you are young'ns.Yep I remember the Motorcycle i guess I'm showing my age as well.There are times I wish I still had mine.Not that I would be able ride it now a days.The seizures would provent me from riding it just driving a car has been banned.

Diane J. said...

I just had pork roast and potatoes for my supper tonight. Good and simple.

I love Arlo's "City of New Orleans"! And I noticed that you have "Seven Bridges Road" on your playlist. It's one of my very favorite Eagles songs.
I'll have to check out the other songs you mentioned.

Hope Greg makes it there safely and y'all have a good visit, Jo.

Have a good week!

Love and hugs,