Monday, March 31, 2008


As I was visiting blogs this morning (I'm forever playing catch up), I thought about those that stop by my blog on a regular basis and leave a little bit of themselves behind in the form of a comment. I think it is only appropriate that I take some time to let you know how very much I appreciate it. Some days it is just what is needed to keep me writing. The spark, so to speak that ignites the flame under this pot of memories and thoughts that I keep stirring in my mind. I dip out of this pot 'Bits and Pieces' of what is me, to share with those that so generously share their lives with me. It would take me most of the day to name each of you individually. Just know that I appreciate all who visit here. If in some way I have shared something that has helped you in even the smallest of ways, then it is all worth it.

I need to correct the post that I made yesterday concerning the high schools spring band concert. It was indeed a Spring Concert, but it included the Jr High. It was actually the 16th District's Honors Band that performed yesterday. This just absolutely amazes me every year when we go to see them perform. The 16th District is made of the south central counties of Ohio. I believe that is 6 different counties. The Honor Students are selected every year and practice the music that they will perform in little honors groups within their own schools. The weekend of their performance these students from all over the district are brought together for the first time on Friday to have their first practice as the complete Honors Band. Then again on Saturday they practice together. After a two 1/2 day practice and preparation period what evolves on that stage is breath taking. Britt has been a part of the Honors Band since Jr. High. Are we proud of her? You can safely bet on that one.

Wishing you a Blessed Monday..........



Connie said...

So glad to see music back in the schools and people talking about concerts, etc. Sports seem to have dominated the HS scene for the last forever years.
You sure must be very proud--and you certainly are!!!

Theresa said...

What a pretty, pink site. Reminds me of spring. Can't wait for the season to make its way up north. I tagged you for a Meme, Jo.

Aisha said...

We love reading your posts, Jo. :) I love the new design of your blog. I'm planning on changing mine too but not sure yet.