Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beauty And The Beast

I'll not make any excuses for not posting in a while..... I am back though and I come bearing a gift. Last night we went to see the High School's Spring Musical " Beauty And The Beast ". (Click for the slide show presentation) These students and their advisers put in a lot of time and effort in preparing for their performance. As a result they ended up with a piece of art that all could take pride in. Enjoy!


smilnsigh said...

We never have to make any excuses for anything we do in our own Blogs! That's the first Rule Of Blogging!!! :-)

Really though, we don't. Our blogs are ours and should be for our pleasure. Well, to me anyway. :-)

Glad all their hard work, in the H.S. musical, paid off.


julia said...

And that's one of my favorite movies, too! Glad you had fun!!

Mike Golch said...

the First rule of blogging it is your blog.
the second rule is you blog when you blog.
the third rule is that you enjoy what you are doing and do not have to feel obligated to blog.

Aisha said...

I enjoyed looking at the photos! :)