Monday, March 3, 2008

Two For One

Since I didn't post yesterday, I decided to give you two posts this morning. My 'Meaningful Monday' post is just below this one. So don't forget to continue down one post when you finish with this one. We had some very pretty weather yesterday and thanks to that sunshine almost all of the snow has melted away. Today is promising more of the same. JD said that the weather man stated the other day that this is the most extreme winter weather that we have had in this area since 1967. The robins were all over the yard yesterday feasting on worms and bugs that dared to venture out of the dirt. As I look out the window I see that they have returned already this morning to finish up the leftovers.

This weekend also brought a package from Connie at 'My Thoughts And Creations'. I won her drawing and received these beautiful wedding cards. Thank you Connie. You are such a gifted person. We have a wedding coming up this month and will be able to use one of the cards. It isn't going to be easy deciding which one to send.

Since my children were small, I have always tried to do a birthday dinner for them serving their favorite foods on their special day. Melody has a birthday coming up, so we will be celebrating with her birthday dinner this coming Sunday. The menu for Melody's dinner stays the same from year to year (She is an easy one to please), my secret recipe fried chicken and potato salad. I offered to show both Melody and Tersie how I make them, but they think I am going to be around forever and they won't need to learn how to cook these two crowd pleasers.

I did show my grand daughters how to make the potato salad when we took them camping a couple of years ago. I am sure they have forgotten a lot of what they learned by now though. Perhaps I need to at least write the recipes down some place for future references. I am looking forward to Sunday. JD and I always enjoy having all of the children here at one time. I guess I would be asking too much to ask for pretty and warm weather. Yep probably so! I'll just ask for no snow so they can make it up the mountain.

Wishing all a Blessed Day.........



Mary said...


What a lovely graphic of the birds. I was wondering if I can borrow it?

Enjoyed your post. We had an ice storm last night but it's melting today. March is the month when we should see some robins. Another sign of spring is the maple syrup making, which has begun.


Tammy said...

Chicken and tater salad...sounds just like a picnic! 64ยบ here so it is indeedy picnic out tonight though or so our Weatherman says...darn his hide!!

Prixie said...

if the snow is melting on your side, then it is going to start getting cold here. sigh, change always makes me feel a tad uneasy even though i prefer the colder months.

and what a co-incidence that i am going to make potato salad tomorrow! ooh, thinking about it now makes me hungry

julia said...

Yum, secret recipe fried chicken and potato salad! Perhaps your sis Queeni could, um, "safeguard" your secret recipe? (she said looking innocent.) And you should definitely write down your recipes for posterity--some of my dearest treasures are recipes in my Grandma's big, loopy handwriting. Takes me right back to her good smelling kitchen.

My mother did the "special dinner" for our birthdays, too. Mine was always "hammus alabamus" (i think that originated in the Alley Oop cartoon strip, maybe?) and my sister's was tomato soup. ;-)

Mike Golch said...

Jo,I wish my Gramma would have written down some of her recipies,she was german and irish and could come up with the good stuff,my Mom,God rest her soul did not want to learn her recipies.

Diane J. said...

Fried chicken sure does sound good about now, even if it IS 1:30 in the morning.

It was 75 degrees here on Sunday, and we've had over 3 inches of rain today, causing flooding and flash floods. It's now 34 and falling and we're supposed to get snow by morning. We'll see. I'm so tired of being disappointed when snow is forecast and doesn't pan out.

Hope the weather is good for Melody's birthday this weekend, and Happy Birthday to your girl! ;o)

Love and hugs,


Wildflower Cabin said...

I love your robin card! I purchased some of those exact cards from Victoria Trading Co. this last winter and mailed them out at Christmas time. The birthday dinner menu sounds wonderful! Yum! If you ever feel like sharing those secret recipes, I'm here waiting with pen and paper (giggle). Have a wonderful time!