Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Darlene Is Home

After suffering excruciating pain, spending three hours being probed with a scope, having mystery bleeding, followed by transfusions, and her temperature spiking twice
--->Darlene is home<--- . I have been told that the pain from Pancreatitis is the worse pain imaginable. Hopefully there won't be any more flare ups with this. I want to thank you all again for keeping Darlene in your thoughts and prayers. There is no doubt in my mind that those same prayers are what got her through this.

I am just going to whisper this so I won't be jinxing it, but I do believe that Spring is tiptoeing in. It was a beautiful day yesterday with temperatures in the 50s and sunshine. The only thing that messed it up was the wind was blowing and put a bit of a chill on everything. A check of the weather last night showed the temperatures in the 50s clear across the board for the following week. Most of those days do come with rain, but that's all part of spring. When J.D. came back from checking the mail yesterday he said that the Forsythia has buds on it. I am thinking it should be in bloom by the end of the week.
I had a doctor's appointment on Monday. I might add that I was glad to have an appointment already set up because my sinuses were doing a job on me. Most people will be complaining about all the rain that comes with this beautiful spring weather, but not me. I have pollen allergies that usually results in my sinuses becoming infected and if not caught in time and treated with an anti-biotic it progresses to bronchitis.

While I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office, a couple came in with a little boy, which I would guess was right around 4 years old. The Dad and Mom didn't sit together. The little guy went straight to the water cooler when he came in and got a cup of water. Which he played with more than drank. He would sit the cup on the back of the plastic child's table in the play area and then get on the chair with his knees and lay forward with his hands behind his back and tip the cup enough to get a sip of water. I was mentally betting with myself how many times he could do that before the cup fell completely over and spilled out the water. His dad said something about he shouldn't be doing that because he will spill the water. He looked back at his Dad and actually clinched his teeth and said, "Then I will get more water." Not long after that, he went running up near his Mom and leaned up against the chair next to her. She suggested to him that he shouldn't be running in the waiting room. He looked at her, squinted his eyes and said through clinched teeth "Shut Up!" She repeated herself only to be told again by her little demon child "Shut Up!" This time when he told her to shut up it was a little more forceful, so she would get the message. Which she must have gotten it, because she did as he said and "Shut Up!" I couldn't help but wonder what is that little family going to be like in another 10-15 years when this child is a teenager.

Later that evening I heard on the news about a shooting in the Cleveland area where a young man shot and killed his father and shot his mother numerous times which she survived, but was in critical condition. Can you guess who I thought about when I heard this newscast?

One last thing before I close this post............. I was listening to the Chicago news yesterday afternoon and they told about a robbery involving a teenager as the criminal. It seems that this upstart robber decided to hold up a muffler shop. He wanted all of the money in the safe. The employees assured him that the only money they had access to was their personal money and what was in the cash register. They also told him that the only person that had the combination to the safe was the owner and he wasn't there at that time. The teenager then gives the muffler shop employees his phone numbers with instructions that they are to call him when the boss comes in. Needless to say, this kid was apprehended by the police and will never be accused of being another Einstein.

Have a blessed day.....


Tammy said...

Speaking of spring...the Ky side of the Ohio is greener with the forsythia and daffodil in bloom. I was too early to catch the dogwoods which I adore!

54ยบ here today with beautiful sunshine!

Have a great day ☺

sue said...

sadly Jo.. this is "perfect" proof of what happens to a family who does not center their lives around God... I fear greatly for a generation of folks who no longer have prayer in school, pledge to our country and flag, and all too often have parents that act more like children than adults.....we should all be praying very hard for our country and families....

Diane J. said...

It's Springing here as well, but we're a little further along with it than you are. We've got daffodils, crocus, forsythia, crab apples, and so on. But we'll still have some frost and even some freezing weather I'm sure.

Rotten kids are a pet peeve of mine so I'll just leave that alone.

I'm glad Darlene is home! I hope she improves quickly.

I like your new header and the work you've done on your template!

Have a great rest of your week, Jo. :o)

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

I teach the teenagers that that little boy is going to be. It is a living nightmare. This is the "I" generation at its very worst.

Gene Bach said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and tell your husband I'm sure sorry about the Easter Bunny. ;-)

Very nice blog you have here and I have added it to my favorite blogs list.

The Wooden Porch said...

That young child sounds awful! (Though sometimes I think that some people can say bad things about my two year old--he's a stinker) My five year old daughter is usually a peach though.

How terrible that a young man shot both of his parents. I didn't hear about that.

Mike Golch said...

Jo,Hope Darlene get well soon,my prayers are being said for as I type.
Hope you and all of the family had a good easter.Hugs and blessings your way.Mike

Mike Golch said...

Jo the sad thing about the son killing his father and seriously wounding his mother is that he is a skitzo(sic) and stopped taking his meds.