Sunday, March 30, 2008

All Things Beautiful

Today I am focusing on Spring and all the beauty that it brings. Our daffodils, day lilies, and forsythia are budding. I can look at the tips of the maple trees and see the red buds on the tips of the branches waiting patiently to spring open with just the slightest coaxing from the warmth of the sun. Not far behind will be the red bud and dogwood trees. Tufts of green grass is popping up here and there and I can see J.D. keeping an eye on it and gauging its growth, just waiting for the day when he can hop on his mower and begin another new growing season with the best manicured yard around for miles and miles. I am quite proud of the way he keeps our yard looking its best. With Spring, comes a new found spurt of energy that says, "It's time to shake off the winter doldrums and go outside to get a good helping of all that God has created for our enjoyment.

Another sure sign of spring being upon us is the High School's Spring Band Concert. We are very fortunate having such a talented and dedicated band instructor at our high school. He doesn't expect any more from the students in his charge then what he, himself gives to the program. He gives his all, so that is what he expects in return. It is evident in their performances and from the awards they win in their competitions that our high school has an outstanding music program.

In just a couple of hours we will be joining Tersie and T-Bear and enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon as our Britt and the rest of the high school band WOWS us yet again with the sounds of music to herald in Spring.

Wishing you a blessed Sunday afternoon.



Tammy said...

I love a good high school band...I like to sit on my front porch as they march down my street. I wish one would come right now...I don't care if it is just 43ยบ with wind I would put on my red Ohio jacket and sit out there and wave and clap *grins*

Have a great Sunday ♥

Mike Golch said...

a high school band,something that we never had at our school.guess it was because the we were a vocational high school.Not to mention most of my school members were most likely musically challenged anyway.

BClark said...

I spent many hours in Jr.high practicing my music, so I can relate.
Like JD I am looking for signs of green and so far it is only dandelions and creeping Charlie,lol. I have many years of work before this place will bloom as I dream it. Of course I am making up for years of neglect, and enjoying every minute.
Best to you both, Barbara

julia said...

Oh, i wish i would have seen this sooner so i could have had you tell Tersie hello!!

Artsy Etc. said...

One thing I so loved about Ohio were the dogwood trees. lovely. Happy Spring Jo!

Angela Williams Duea said...

Our season is behind yours, but the snowdrops are blooming through the snow! That's always so exciting.