Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Quest For Perfection

Today started out on the wet side and it is still foggy and drab looking out. On the bright side of that though..... It isn't snowing!

We climbed into the car this morning and drove to the Fire House to cast our vote for the candidate of our choice in the primary election. We took the back road off of the mountain and of all days when I could kick myself for leaving the camera at home... This was the day! There was a lot of photo ops along the way. The water was pouring off of the mountain with such force. There were waterfalls everywhere, in places where there usually isn't. When we reached the lower land there were many homes that had overnight become waterfront property. Still, even with the rain and the high water people were getting out to vote.

I had another Blog on Word Press that I quit posting to some time ago because of certain self appointed Thought Police in charge of censorship twisted just about everything I wrote and made people I love miserable. Some of the posts from that blog I want to share with my readers on Bits and Pieces. Today's posting is one of those.

The Quest For Perfection
March 12, 2007 by Jo

Who is it exactly that determines for us what is perfection and what isn’t? I have known many people that were very happy with themselves the way they were until enlightened to the fact that they just don’t fit in the ‘Perfection Pigeonhole’. Then comes the unending task of trying to reinvent themselves in an attempt to find the perfection that surely was meant to be theirs. If you watch many commercials on TV you will agree that this quest could very well be never ending.

Being overweight is a common problem for many Americans. In medical terms it is referred to as morbid obesity. What a terrible way to refer to someone that is overweight. I find the term to be insulting. Just as insulting are some of the commercials they put on TV aimed at the overweight audience. One of my favorites happens to be the ‘Size 2′ commercial. This poor little thin thing lost 30 pounds and is so excited because thanks to this wonderful diet now she can wear a size 2. Before losing the 30 pounds she must have worn a huge size 6. I wonder if she would have been termed as being a member of the morbid obesity club.

Next in line comes the facial cream for all of those old age wrinkles creeping up on you. Why is it the models they use on those commercials all seem to be at most in their late 20's or early 30’s? For the first time I saw a commercial the other day advertising a product for aging skin with models that were actually in their golden years. I was so shocked, I forgot the name of the product they were selling.

Let’s not forget that there is a fix for hearing loss, poor eyesight, teeth that are not perfectly straight or sparkling white. Let’s not forget those pesky pimples. Did I mention those grey hairs that keep turning up? The list goes on and on. The bottom line is even if you are OK with yourself, if you spend too much time in front of the TV or reading many magazines you soon will discover that you have miles and miles to go before you find perfection.
When I think of my mother's youngest brother I recall his response to the question, "What have you been up to?" was always, "I've been searching for perfection!"
It is my opinion (and I usually have one) that if you have good health, if you are happy with being the way you are no matter how much you weigh, how many wrinkles you have, or how straight your teeth are………. Then your Quest for Perfection has been won.


J.D. Scorpio said...

I could not have put it better myself.... JD

Hope said...

Hi Jo,
I read your post and diabetes and it's very informative. I am going to check out the websites you listed. I've been doing a lot of research and have learned a lot. I'm amazed that doctors (including mine) don't seem to give out much info. It's almost like they assume you are an old pro at this already and know exactly what to do. They don't tell you how bad you are going to feel. I'm doing some better today so maybe my meds are working. Let's hope. I appreciate any info you can give me.

I had to laugh when I read this post. I'm just flabbergasted when I see those commercials with the already skinny girls going on a weight loss program. Actually I find most commercials irritating. I really don't watch much tv at all any more...nothing worthwhile to watch!! It's sad. I do love movies though, but really good movies are getting fewer and fewer!

I know a lot of things I feel now come with age but my quest now is for better health. Vanity is out the window! LOL


Mike Golch said...

Jo,just thought that I'd pop in to say Hi. As Hope said commercials showing skinny people going on diets?what is with that?? are we all supposed be thin as pins and when we turn sideways we disapear?? If that is health well than anaerexia must be the new national pastime,HA.Me I eant to have some meat on my bones.In all fareness I do admit that I am over weight,and could afford to lose about 50 lbs.I donot forsee me weighing the 205 that one doctor told me I should weigh.I donot want to go back to thenth grade that is when I waighed 205.

PEA said...

Hello dear Jo:-) That's one good thing about living on a mountain, you'll never get flooded! lol Don't EVER forget your camera again...don't you know, that's when you see all kinds of photo ops??? hehe I found this post very interesting and as you say, if they used models of all sizes and ages that would fit the typical woman, then all those products might be more believable! I know I'm not perfect, I'll never be perfect and I have no intention of ever being perfect...I'm happy in my own skin and love life...what more could I ask for:-) xoxo

julia said...

Great post--sorry about those "thought police"--so not cool! i do love the thoughts expressed. i've taken many many years to be happy with myself, not an easy thing!

"Sis Queeni" ;-)

Aisha said...

I agree with you Jo. there is no perfection in this world really when it comes to physical looks. I have a tag for you :)

Artsy Etc. said...

Well-said and I so agree with you. God wants us to be the best we can be not someone else that advertising and the media want to make us believe we want to be. You said it wonderfully!