Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Time Last Year....

Getting back to what was going on in my world while I was away from my blog last year...... Brittany, my oldest granddaughter was completing her senior year of high school. She made her last appearance in the High School Musical with the lead female role in "South Pacific". 

Watching her perform and hearing her sing on that stage for the last time was a melancholy experience for me. Who am I kidding, pretty much all of her senior year was a melancholy experience for me. It was just the reality that our Britt was all gown up and about to take that giant step into being a responsible grown woman on her  own and there was no holding her back.   

It was a very busy year for her. Along with working a part time job after school and on weekends, going on college visits, play and band practices followed by performances...... She still found time to sing at a fund raiser for one of her friends. He was chosen to join a group of talented high school musicians from around the country to travel through Europe performing. The fund raiser was to help finance his trip.

Finally Graduation day arrived and it was most definitely a roller coaster ride for me. I was so proud of Britt for all that she had accomplished in her 18 years. The fact that she had not allowed her Type 1 diabetes hold her back in any way, served to magnify that pride. 

At the same time my heart was aching. Our Beautiful song bird was testing her wings and would soon be flying out of the nest.

As I am typing this Britt is about to wrap up her first year of schooling toward being an RN. She is doing great and when the time comes, she will no doubt graduate with honors. That is just who Britt is..... If it is worth doing, she puts her all into it. We Love You Sweetheart and couldn't be prouder of you than we are at this moment!

I Am Blessed


BClark said...

What a year!! I can see how proud you are of your wonderful Granddaughter. I so envy your closeness with her. Unfortunately I have two beautiful Granddaughters that I have no communication with. I hate it, but their Mothers have their own agendas part of which is painting me a some sort of villein?
Hopefully at some point and time they will figure out that isn't the case, just hope I am still alive when it happens,lol.

Glad to see you back, missed reading your posts. I wandered away also and am trying to make a comeback and catch up.

Best to you,

oldcrow61 said...

They grow up so fast don't they. My granddaughter is a grown woman now and it seems like only yesterday she was a little girl.

judypatooote said...

Seeing your granddaughter in the lead of a school play I'm sure you were in seventh granddaughter also was in musical leads in her high fact she is finishing up her first year in musical theater at Kent State...isn't it amazing listening to what comes out of their mouths...I mean while they are singing...LOL...I too have taken a break from and then i get bact to posting...and reading other welcome back... judy