Friday, March 16, 2012

House Guests

Last spring, in the process of getting the house in town ready to move into, JD had removed the doors from the utility closet and sat them outside on the back porch. He did this to make it easier to maneuver while he put down new flooring. The next morning we found this lovely Mama-to-be perched on top of the bi-fold doors preparing a temporary home for her babies. 

She was completely trusting of us as we came and went. Opening and closing the back door all day long didn't seem to concern her in the least. She watched us as we passed her nest repeatedly, but she never ruffled the first feather or stirred once in her nest. JD had his table saw set up on the back porch and she wasn't bothered with that or the noise from it either. She just continued construction of her nest and then did her motherly duty of keeping her eggs warm.  

Theresa and the girls said that there was a dove that nested on the back porch every year. Most likely it was the same one. She knew she had never been harmed before when she nested here, which is probably why she was so trusting of us. I am anxious to see if she returns again this year. We will welcome her if she does.

I Am Blessed


Mike Golch said...

that is so cool.we one had a robin nesting in the small bush by our front door.

Mary said...

I love mourning doves. We have several that come to the back yard here in our new house. Other birds as well.

I was watching baby sparrows learn to fly last awesome experience.

farmlady said...

What a gift this is. She is probably the same one. They do come to the same place to nest... so it's likely.
Isn't she beautiful... and the babies too.
Lucky you...

Brittany said...

Make sure you have something tall out there for her to set up on!

PEA said...

Jo, I was sooo thrilled to see you blogging again and I'm loving seeing your comments on my blog:-) I finally have time to do some visiting so here I am!!

Mourning Doves are such beautiful birds and we have a pair that nests in one of our Spruce trees in the front yard every year as well. Once they know they're safe, they come back:-) I noticed last week that they're building their nest in the same spot again so I'm looking forward to seeing their babies when they hatch!!! xoxo