Friday, March 9, 2012

Moving Day 2011

Summer before last JD and I faced the fact that due to health reasons, we really did need to sell the little house on the mountain and move to town. Our Realtor advertised the house online. Not long into spring of last year a buyer out of New Mexico, who's job was transferring her to this area saw the photos of our house, fell in love with it and had to have it. Meanwhile after the business that my daughter worked for closed it's doors for good, she found the job of her dreams and moved to Columbus. This left her with a house in our little town that she needed to get rid of. We could have searched the rest of our lives and not been able to find a better deal than what she gave us on purchasing her house. 

Long story short ....... the buyer for the house on the mountain needed to move in right away. Theresa wasn't all moved out at that time so we more or less moved in on top of her. It was a nightmare unfolding right before our eyes. My ideal move would have been to sort through things and toss what we no longer needed, instead of moving it with us. Needless to say it wasn't an ideal move by any stretch of the imagination. We packed everything up and my son, his wife and the grandsons came out to help with the move. The majority of our belongings would be going into a storage unit. Only the bare necessities came to our new home at that time. 

We had some remodeling plans for the new home and wanted to get walls painted, bathroom redone, carpet taken up and laminate flooring put down before moving a lot of our belongings in. On moving day we did get the majority of our things moved out of the house on JD's Mountain. We still had another trailer load to move and cleaning to do. We waited a couple of days before we went back to move that final load. In the midst of this JD had to go to a Chiropractor for his back or walk humped over for the rest of his life. We were both feeling like we were in our mid nineties about this time. 

Since I am learning to pace myself..... I will leave you with this picture. JD and I sitting in the midst of Theresa trying to move out of her house and us moving in. Hurting and sore enough that I did give a passing thought to just throwing our hands up and saying we just can't do any more.

I'll be back tomorrow with the conclusion to Moving Day.

God Bless,  ~Jo 


farmlady said...

You will be just fine. I'm sure it's not always what we want.. to move at this late time in our lives, but sometimes it's what we have to do and in the end it all works out.
The aches and pains are inevitable. We are showing signs of "old age" too and WE AREN'T HAVING TO MOVE ANYWHERE.
Have I raved about ASPERCREME and ADVIL. There are the lifesavers of the senior citizen movement.
Take care...

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Oh boy can I relate to your story Jo! We had 2 wks to move out of our house after we sold it and had no place to go til about a week before the moving truck was coming. We are just now painting in the condo we're in.
It's a nightmare for sure! We felt like we were ready for the "old folks home". We are in Columbus now and I would LOVE to meet up with you if you ever come here to see Theresa!!
I can hardly wait til tomorrows post. You have me on the edge of my seat...

Big hugs, Sherry

Jo said...

Well girls you can carve this in stone, because I mean what I am about to say..... This Was My Last Move!!

I do love where we are and there all all sorts of possibilities here to keep us busy and out of trouble.

Sherry nothing would please me more than to get together with you sometime. Perhaps some time this summer.