Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

As hurricane Sandy makes its way north along the Atlantic coast, I am keeping family and friends that will find themselves in the path of this Frankenstorm in my thoughts and prayers. All reports say that it will be far reaching and pack a powerful blow.

I went in search of lamp oil this morning to fuel our hurricane lamps, only to find that the shelf where it should have been stocked stood empty. No problem..... I can do candles as well. So now we are all stocked up with our necessary supplies and will hunker down to wait for this storm to arrive and pass. In a day or two, no matter what this storm brings our way, we will emerge like everyone around us, none the worse for the wear. At which time we will pick up where we left off and continue our day to day journey. Come to think about it, that is pretty much what we do regarding all storms in our lives. Those that invade our emotions, as well as our environment.

Be safe everyone and may God Bless You and Hold You in the Palm of His Hand.



L e e said...

Hi Jo. I am so glad to see you posting again. But, I'm to talk! I'm afraid to go back to see when the last time I posted.
I don't have any relatives that will be affected by the hurricane (other than at the gas pump)but I sympathize for those folks. It's not at all fun being displaced as many of those will be.
But, you know my country - sometimes we would even take a hurricane just to get some moisture!
I have a picture that I want to post soon just for you, and I'll bet you will recognize it almost immediately.
Do take care, and God bless you and yours.
L e e

Jo said...

Thank you Lee for the sweet comment. It felt as if a dear friend had stopped in. Well now that is exactly what happened isn't it. lol I have so missed blogging. I am trying to do a condensed type blog on Face Book, but it doesn't seem to be very successful yet... I will give it some more time though. I look forward to the picture you are going to post. Now you have my curiosity all stirred up. Hope you and yours have been well.