Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Steps

So that this will not be too much of a shock for anyone to handle, myself included...... I am taking baby steps and hopefully blogging will once more be a daily (or almost daily) part of my life. I came to visit yesterday and was surprised to see that it looked as if someone had taken a big spoon and stirred my graphics and background up. It looked to be a big swirly mess. The thought did cross my mind to just close the browser and forget it, but then there was this darn tug at my heart and tinge of pride that whispered in my mind that, "No, I needed to stay, look around and do what is needed to fix it." I was surprised at how many changes have taken place in my absence. I was almost overwhelmed, but thought back to when I first started this blog and remembered how overwhelmed I was then too. So here I am taking that first step back to the world of blogging and sharing once more, "The Many Moods Of Me". 

In the recent months our desktop computer went to it's great reward. Wherever computers go when their little brains get fried, it took with it my vast collection of graphics, links and notes for future blogs. So I really am taking this in baby steps one day at a time. I did miss you all and look forward to sharing the events of my life over the past year as well as my thoughts and events in the future. 




Mike Golch said...

sorry that you lost your stuff. Might I suggest you get yourself a flash drive and use it as a back up to keep your work.I lerned my lesson about that a long time ago.I have 3 flash drives for a total of 12 all the stuff that I don't want to lose I still have I back up my saved photos and other stuff on those drives every couple of days,that way I do not loose much data incase I gotta use mt restore disks.

L e e said...

Hi Jo! So glad to see you back blogging. And as I say that I'm remembering that I have been away equally as long. Yes, my blog has been rearranged somewhat also. And talk about losing your desktop, I did also. I had been working on my memoirs, and actually was near finished when mine crashed also. Had I not printed up a couple of copies using my own printer beforehand, all would have been lost. I've been in and out of the hosp. a couple of times since we last made contact. Darn, it's not fun getting old! Now that you are posting, I'll have to dust away the cobwebs and see about posting also. Do take care.

Jo said...

Hey Mike..... Good advice! We will have to invest in that.

Lee, I have to agree with you on the fact that it isn't any fun getting old. I am looking forward to spending some time visiting old friends and catching up on what has been going on in their lives. So get busy dusting away those cobwebs, I'll be coming to visit soon. By The Way, you don't need to bake me a cake....I'm on a diet. lol So glad that you didn't loose all that you had written when your computer crashed. I can only imagine how disheartening that would have been had you lost it all.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Jo!
What a great blessing to see you had posted again! I will be so glad to hear what's been happening in your world.
So many of us don't like blogger to say the least. It has changed a lot and a great deal just recently. Hard to keep up with it. I've missed you girl... welcome back!

Big hugs, Sherry