Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Wonderful Surprise

Once a week we try to spend the day with our youngest grandson, Seth. Yesterday was Seth day. He is growing like a weed and seems as if every week he is doing yet something else new. For the past few days we have been getting weather warnings for a winter storm for Ohio. The worse of this winter storm being to the north and gradually tapering off to rain/sleet mix by the time it reached southern Ohio. I have to admit that I was disappointed with the thought of all of that wet stuff coming our way. I find few things as relaxing as watching the snow fall while staying warm and cozy inside, with a wood fire burning. With the weather forecast being so bleak we rushed to the store before coming home yesterday and stocked up on supplies in case we aren't able to get off the mountain for a while.
What a wonderful surprise when I looked out this morning and saw all those white fluffy snow flakes drifting from the sky.
About an hours worth of snow and half an hours worth of sleet!

I love my wind chimes!

Wonder if a cushion of snow would be soft to sit on?

View of front yard from kitchen window.
Special note from Jo: Thank you God for indulging me! :-)


Mary said...

What a beautiful snowfall you had. Doesn't it make the world seem so peaceful and quiet. Love your photos. We are in the middle of a nor' easter here in southern Ontario. We are to get between 6 inches and a foot of snow, as well as sleet. I'm hoping the sleet stays aways. It makes the roads so dangerous.

Thanks so much for posting on my "Treasures to Me" blog. I appreciate you visiting and leaving such kind comments. Stay warm and safe.


Jo and JD said...

I think what we are getting is the bottom half of yours. You are so very right though about quiet and peacefulness of a snow fall. Stay warm and enjoy.

judypatooote said...

Love your snow, but now I can look outside my back door and see the same thing.....also I have windchimes all around my house.... I love them peaceful..