Monday, December 10, 2007

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good

Since it is the season for sharing, I wanted to share this very rare photo of my sweetheart. This is rare not just because J.D. doesn't do kitchen aprons (a carpenter's apron is a different story), but he seldom does cooking.
He is a master at pancakes and bacon. He has even added oatmeal to his list of mouth watering stove top accomplishments. He just does not enjoy cooking and I have to respect that. I, on the other hand love to cook. Really it is a match made in heaven because there is never any competition going on in the kitchen.
This picture was taken in 2000 on a trip to Ponca City to visit J.D.'s youngest daughter Angela and her family. Of course J.D.'s desire to stay as far away from a stove as possible is no secret. I remember grandson Warren's reaction to Grandpa in an apron and actually cooking. He was spell bound, which in turn prompted the photo.
Bon Apetite!


judypatooote said...

Now my hubby loved cooking and I loved him cooking, for I only like to eat food not cook it...(my girls are great cooks though) sometimes he would cook during the week, but always on week ends...i can still see him sitting at the kitchen table in his briefs, chopping onion, or celery, etc....he loved making chili, soup even bread.....and our dog Pierre would be sitting next to him, for he would toss him a piece of whatever he was chopping... even onion, which now I hear is poison to dogs....well he live to be 17 years there....LOL

Brittany~Paige said...

What the crappe g'ma...that doesn't look like your kitchen. I'm confuseded..."-.-