Saturday, December 22, 2007

Seth Day.......Revisited

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I may have mentioned it before, but Friday of each week is Seth Day for us. It is one of those special times when we get to spend quality time with the youngest of the grandchildren. That smile on Seth's face is there pretty much all of the time. Occasionally you may catch him without it, but usually that is when something has really captured his attention and he is pondering the great secrets of that object.
I look for him to be pulling up to and walking around things before too much longer. His legs are very muscular and when he is in his exersaucer he is not only standing on his own, but jumping as well. He just needs to get the balancing act down a little better.
I can't think of a day better spent, than one spent with the grandchildren. I just wish that all of our little ones were close enough that we could just hop into the car and go see them every day. The 18 hour drive and the price of gas sort of limits us on that.
While spending time with Seth yesterday I received a follow up call on something I had inquired about last week. I had seen an advertisement for a company that provides testing supplies for diabetics. They were offering information packets, coupons for diabetic supplies, and a diabetic recipe book. I went online and requested the packet leaving my information so they could contact me. It wasn't the company that you see advertising all of the time on TV, but one that I was not familiar with. I am here to tell you that contacting these people was the smartest move I have made in a long long time. The pills that I take for my diabetes are the only medication that I can get in generic form as a $4.00 prescription at a local pharmacy. Everything else; Byeta, Lantus, even my test strips have to be sent off to the Prescription Insurance Company to be filled at $50.00 a pop. That is until the first of the year, when the cost of our insurance is going up, as well as the cost of having the Rx filled, which will be $65.00 then (and the lancets are not covered at all). My Endocrinologist wants me to test four times each day. Well it just doesn't happen. Living on a fixed income makes a person stop and think, how can I deal with this without going bankrupt paying for Rx refills. The lady that I talked to yesterday (Vickie) asked about my testing. I told her that I don't test four times a day because of the expense and that I also use an old meter that I had because the test strips were $50.00 as opposed to $65.00 for the newer meter that I have. Instead, I test when I feel funky. I know that doing this does not help keep the diabetes under control, but you do what you have to do. She took some information about our Rx insurance carrier and our health care insurance carrier and said she was going to do some checking to see if she couldn't get those testing supplies for me at a cheaper price. In less than 30 minutes Vickie was calling me back with 'Merry Christmas' greetings and saying that our insurance company is going to take care of those testing supplies through Vickie's company at the cost of $4.95 for a three months supply of test strips. But Wait!!! That's Not All!!!
They will also cover the cost of my lancets! ..............But Wait!!! That's Not All!!! Vickie is going to send me a new meter at no cost to me that will give me more accurate readings than the old one more than likely has. I thought I had saved the information for this web site on the computer, but I can't locate it. When I receive my care package from Vickie, I will be sure to post the information for anyone else that may need this type of assistance. Testing supplies at $4.95 ~vs~ $65.00 is a no brainer for me.
Jo's note: Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus! (Sometimes he calls himself Vickie though)


Lynne said...

Seth is so cute! I miss having little grandbabies.

Vickie must be your Santa Claus! It's great that you can get all your supplies at such a great price.

violetlady said...

What great fortune to have an angel like Vickie. There are angels among us. Seth is just the cutest! They are so funny with those walker-jumper things. My grandsons used to really get around in them and when they got to jumping they used to shriek with joy.